Candy Land Road

Platform: Online Games
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Candy Land Road Start playing Candy Land Road - a game that you will love. This game is one of the most popular mobile games "3 in a row" of all time! Overcome level by level in this great adventure puzzle game by rearranging and combining candies. Show your wits and skill: make moves that are rewarded with colorful rainbow cascades and delicious candy combinations, and feel the sweetness of victory! Challenge this sweet element! Candy Land Road is a free game, but you have to pay for some additional gaming features. Features Candy Land Road: - A variety of game modes: collect the ingredients for cocktails, drop the ingredients down, and fulfill orders, removing a specified number of certain candies. - Spin the wheel of daily boosters to get a tasty prize. - Open wonderful places on the game map - Tasty candies, special candies - wrappers and striped, colored bombs and many other magic boosters will help on difficult levels. - There are more than 120 of the best levels in the game, and there will be even more! Play with pleasure in the game Candy Land Road!

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