Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Platform: Game Boy Advance Game
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Kirby and the Amazing Mirror A magical Mirror world exist in the skies of Dream Land, and anyone or anything that it reflects will become real and true! One day, the mirror became bad and turned the world inside it in an evil world! Join Kirby and Meta Knight in their amazing adventure to save the Mirror World! Enter the Mirror World and fix everything in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror! Play as Kirby once again and help Meta-Knight on some of the levels. Enter the Mirror World and fix everything up in this cute yet action packed platformer video game for the Game Boy Advance (GBA). When everything is set, Meta Knight and Dark Meta Knight will face each other and will result in some cool turn of events. On the last parts of the game, Kirby must fight 4 bosses before battling the Dark Mind. Will you be able to defeat the Dark Mind and save the Mirror World?

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