Pokemon - Digimon FireRed

Platform: Game Boy Advance Game
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Pokemon - Digimon FireRed Do you love Pokemon? Do you adore Digimons? Have you ever wished that you can play the two games at once? Then let your wishes come true in Pokemon - Digimon FireRed! Capture, train, battle, and evolve Digimons in the world of Pokemon in this ROM hack cross-over of the two popular franchises. Go on an epic and unique adventure as you battle other gyms with your Digimons, and play the normal Pokemon gameplay but with entirely new pets! Pokemon Digimon FireRed is a wonderful ROM hack that crosses over Pokemon and Digimon games. The game has the gameplay of your standard / traditional Pokemon game but with the characters / pets, features, and a lot more content borrowed from the Digimon franchise. This includes different kinds of Digivolution, attacks, skills, and many more.

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