Wario Land 2

Platform: Game Boy Color Game
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Wario Land 2 If you think that Wario has Captain Syrup beaten for good, think again as you see his return in this fun and exciting game - Wario Land 2! Wario Land 2, also known as Wario Land 2: The Stolen Treasure is an adventure platformer game released in 1998 as a sequel to the game Wario Land in 1994. Join Wario as he ventures to recover his stolen treasures and get revenge to his nemesis, Captain Syrup who sneaked in Wario’s castle just to steal his beloved treasures and causing a great flood. Help the furious Wario get back on Captain Syrup to recover his treasures and beat her once again! The game has obstacles that halt Wario from advancing! Try to go back to previous levels and unlock hidden areas to find a new path. Good luck out there!

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