Sonic Mania Edition

Platform: Sega Game
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Sonic Mania Edition Play the popular Sonic Mania game with Sonic 1 engine in this wonderful and inspiring ROM hack created by Baraksha - Sonic Mania Edition! This fun ROM hack attempts to replicate the Sonic Mania game using the engine and game play of Sonic 1. Although still a lot different than the original Sonic Mania, the game features a lot of content based on the game play videos and trailers of the upcoming game. This ROM hack still maintains the traditional 2D side scrolling game play of classic Sonic games, and your goal is to collect golden rings just as before. The Sonic Mania Edition ROM hack also has a lot of features included in the Sonic Mania game including Drop Dash, a new move set, and a lot of key modifications. Good luck and have fun!

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