Sonic the Hedgehog & Ashuro

Platform: Sega Game
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Sonic the Hedgehog & Ashuro Join Sonic and his newfound friend, Ashuro in the quest to collect all chaos emeralds and the 50 rings in Sonic the Hedgehog & Ashuro! Sonic the Hedgehog & Ashuro is a cool ROM hack based on the classic Sonic the Hedgehog game for the SEGA. The game is created by Ashuro from SSRG. Win levels and acts by playing as Sonic and Ashuro at the same time! This game has a unique feature that shows two characters and two universes on one single screen. However, the two characters have a different way of approaching various obstacles. Try collecting 50 rings and see your characters transform into more powerful forms by playing in the custom and special stages with three different acts taking place during different times of the day! Good luck!

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