10 best FIFA 14 moves and tricks

The latest creation of EA - FIFA 14 - is such a multifaceted football simulator that the abundance of information just makes your head spin. You can, of course, jump straight into the default easy level without any preparation and learn the touch-and-drag controls on your own. But true football fans will undoubtedly want to get to the semi-pro level and learn about this less convenient controls in detail, especially when it comes to online matches.

Even though the mobile version of FIFA 14 is not as complex and deep as its console version, it still has a number of tricks and tricks that will help you become the master of the situation. You can use these daring maneuvers by using the virtual button "Skill Move" located on the right side of the screen. As with the real game of soccer, none of these techniques are the absolute keys to success, but if you master a couple of them, your defense will be more reliable, and online opponents will be forced to guess about each of your next steps.

Here are ten basic real-world football tricks that you can try on your device by copying the sequence of commands from the attached screenshots. Remember that many of the steps can be applied in mirroring.

Pass over the ball

You can swing your foot over the ball in the Ronaldo style by simply pressing "up" on the moves icon, but you should definitely end this combo with a slide left or right, which will allow you to quickly push the ball in the opposite direction of the original.

We portray one thing and do another

This trick resembles a pass over the ball, but it is faster and more graceful. You make a weak attempt to move in one direction, after which you move sharply and at an angle to the other. This is a good way to get past a defender in almost any situation.


This step allows you to hit the ball from the side without changing your angle of motion. By dribbling the ball with both feet in quick succession, you have a good way of slipping between two defenders.


A kind of backward pass is performed when the player steps backward with the ball under their feet. This is an effective way to gain some time and space to avoid being closely watched by defenders.

Back to the side

This movement is different from a simple return and allows you to be at right angles to the ball without going far away from it.

Turn left-right

This turn is a faster version of the previous move. Your player is essentially placing the ball at right angles to his path and feet. This move can be a good surprise for a defender.

Ball jump

This move allows you to pinch the ball between your legs and perform a small jump - a feint made popular by Mexican football legend Cuautemoku Blanco. The movement may look odd from the outside, but it is one of the few ways in FIFA 14 that allows you to lift the ball into the air.


Here's another trick to help the ball fly up and get your player through tight defenses. Although, the very animation of this technique looks long enough to be used in practice. You will have to twist the ball with one foot, and throw it forward and up with the other. If you reverse the movement, you can throw the ball back over your player's head.

Back and to the side

We offer you a good way to slip past a defender at close range or to confuse an opponent using this technique where the ball quickly bounces off the player's feet.


Another maneuver for close range. Once done, you can act like Zidane and rotate 360 ​​degrees, making your way past the static defender.