10 best horror games on mobile platforms

The range of mobile games in the horror genre is constantly being updated, and this genre is becoming more and more popular. Do you want to evaluate the strength of your nerves, the sharpness of your senses and the speed of your reaction? If so, then our list of games will help you not only test yourself, but also get a lot of the most vivid impressions-from light fear to real horror.

Dead Space

ness Despite the fact that Dead Space is rather not a horror-the game, and a full-fledged sci-fi shooter, it got into our list quite deservedly. The first thing that impresses in this title is its visual effects and voice acting, which create an eerie atmosphere. It gets darker with every step you take, and the creatures that confront you can really scare you, especially if you wear headphones and hear heart-rending screams very close by.

Papa Sangre II


What can scare you the most? Of course, your imagination. And Papa Sangre II will play on the ability of your imagination to escalate the situation. In this game, you will see absolutely nothing, and will focus only on hearing, so headphones and a dark room are mandatory for correct perception. You will hear eerie sounds and be able to imagine anything with their help: around every corner your thoughts will settle monsters ready to deal with you.

Five Nights at Freddy's

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The Five Nights at Freddy's series has taken PC and mobile platforms by storm over the past six months, and the name of its author, Scott Cawton, is now known to most gamers. The role of the night guard in Freddy's pizzeria, waiting every minute for the attack of animatronic animals, was to the liking of the players. Critics also praised this game for its plot, full of surprises, tense atmosphere and terrible characters, which is simply impossible to forget.


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gOb this game was talked and written a lot. Its monochrome graphics and eerie plot, in which death haunts your character at every turn, are really impressive. Your hero, a little boy who went in search of his sister, wanders through the bizarre world of the game, inhabited by the most terrible creatures. Limbo will amaze your imagination with its stylish design, and the feeling of absolute hopelessness that arises from you literally from the first minutes of the plot development.

The Walking Dead

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gOba seasons of this game are built on the events of the popular TV series and are not horror games in the literal sense of the word, but their dramatic events and deep plot can not fail to impress gamers. Here everything is built on the need to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, making sometimes very cruel decisions. Your heroine-the girl Clementine-will make you empathize and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of emptiness, sadness and constant fear that reigns in this game.

Year Walk


Here you will find a walk through the medieval Swedish forests, where many riddles and puzzles are hidden. You will be enveloped in a mystical atmosphere and a sense of losing touch with reality – at first you will not understand what you are doing and why, and this will give the game an unforgettable charm. The goal of the game will begin to loom gradually, and by this time Year Walk will drag you so much that it will be simply impossible to break away from it.

Into The Dead

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gI again you will dive into the genre of survival horror, but this time, with elements of an endless runner. How long can you survive in a post-apocalyptic world if you race against death? Around you – only the fog, and the advancing living dead, from which you will have to shoot back on the run. Your task is to last longer, and how much you can do it depends on the presence of strong nerves and good reflexes.

Eyes – The Horror Game

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This horror game offers you to search for treasure in an abandoned house inhabited by a nightmarish-looking ghost. You will not only find the treasure, but also have time to get out of the gloomy house before the ghost overtakes and kills you. As soon as you see the inscription "Run!" on the screen-run as fast as you can through the labyrinths of dark corridors and hope that you will be lucky...

Dungeon Nightmares

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Do the appearance of the Five Nights at Freddy's series, this development was rightfully considered one of the best mobile horror games. Every night, the main character of the game is haunted by nightmares about being in an endless dungeon, from which there is no way out. It is inhabited by creepy creatures that scare you to the point of trembling in your knees, and the dungeon itself is a confusing maze in which it is very easy to get lost.

Dark Meadow: The Past


R Before you is one of the best games in the horror genre, and it impresses not only with beautiful graphics, but also with a well-thought-out plot. Its soundtrack creates an incredible presence effect, but to feel it fully, you will need headphones, and, preferably, a dark room. Your task is to explore a variety of locations in a post-apocalyptic setting with fantasy elements, solve puzzles and save your life by repelling the attacks of terrible monsters.