10 games in Apple Arcade that you shouldn't miss

Imagine that you were brought a box of sweets and allowed to eat as much as you want. And then they asked you what you liked the most? It is unlikely that based on the answer, you will be able to make an objective list of the best, but at least you can use it for recommendations. The following selection may not be the best Apple Arcade games, but it's definitely worth a try!

Assemble with Care

A project from the creators of the masterpiece Monument Valley, which proves that the past experience of the ustwo studio is not just luck.

Assemble with Care — a game in which you will play for a girl named Maria. She ends up in the town of Bellariva and stays there longer than she originally planned. Here she will study and repair various objects, get acquainted with the locals and look at her own life with new eyes.

Beautiful, atmospheric and with a soul.

Mini Motorways

Anyone who is familiar with the previous project of this studio, probably from the first shots will know where the legs grow from. Mini Highways is a game from the creators of the amazing Mini Metro. But if in the last game you had to build metro lines, delaying the transport collapse as long as possible, then this time you will have to control all the traffic.

You have to develop the road network of a growing city. The maps themselves resemble various famous cities from around the world. There is no final goal here, so you need to play on the same principle — as long as possible to prevent the collapse of the system.

Shinsekai into Depths

The game from Capcom, which was not much paid attention to before the release. This is a full-fledged metroidvania, in which players are invited to explore the ocean floor. The setting assumes that the hero moves quite slowly, being constrained by the suit. Plus, he constantly has to monitor his oxygen levels.

This game combines elements of survival, exploration and puzzles, constantly presenting surprises.

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

A game that almost everyone who follows mobile games at least to some extent knows about. This is an expensive action RPG with high-quality three-dimensional cartoon graphics and a fairly large open world.

The player needs to travel, fight, communicate with local NPCs, and solve puzzles hidden everywhere. This is not the level of The Legend of Zelda, as they say in the media, but definitely a high bar for mobile projects.

Where Cards Fall

A very beautiful isometric platformer, in which maps play an important role. But here they are not used to activate any abilities or summon creatures, but directly on the locations. From the deck, you will build various things, helping the hero to overcome obstacles and solve local puzzles. The further you go, the more sophisticated combinations you will need to build.

Sayonara Wild Hearts

The quintessence of the runner genre, which to some extent turned out to be discredited on mobile and is perceived by many as no better than three-in-a-row.

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a surreal madness, which the developers themselves call a "game pop album". In this game, you need to rush at high speed on different types of transport, breaking all the laws of physics and trying to collect the hearts scattered on the track.

The game should be treated like the Alto series — you do not need to expect original gameplay from it, but it did not have such a goal. Sayonara Wild Hearts ' challenge is to create a crazy atmosphere that is unlike anything else.


A tactical adventure set in a post-apocalyptic zombie setting.

The gameplay is divided into days in which you will explore the locations in search of supplies and equipment. All this happens in tactical mode, which means that events often do not unfold as planned.

The project looks quite budget-friendly, and none of its components are perfectly executed, but for mobile it is a good level.


Another tactic, but more inspired by XCOM.

This is, by the way, the only game in Apple Arcade from Russian developers, studio Tortuga Team, which should be known to you by the Braveland series.

In Spaceland, you are waiting for a dynamic 15-minute battle, the story of a mysterious planet in the spirit of the best examples of science fiction, good graphics and gameplay, which is to be expected from a good mobile tactical game.

Punch Planet

More niche, but still worthy of attention project. This is a fighting game that, unlike its competitors on mobile, offers a full-fledged combat system. So, players have several buttons at once, with which you can perform complex combinations.

Everything is done in a sci-fi setting with very colorful characters.

Jenny LeClue

An adventure detective story that touches on the theme of growing up. You will play as a girl named Jenny, who goes to the town of Arthurton, when her mother is suddenly accused of murder.

You'll interact with local characters, solve puzzles, and follow an exciting story.

Anything else?Players from Russia and the CIS are a very specific audience. They pay little, complain a lot, and very often pay attention to those elements of the game that the developers do not distinguish as the main ones. Therefore, the selection was made taking into account the preferences of this audience.

But if you really love games and choose them not only for "graphon, because I have a Snapdragon", then pay attention to the following projects:

Bleak Sword is a hardcore action game inspired by Dark Souls, with a pixelated but very original picture of Cat Quest 2— the long-awaited sequel to the colorful RPGSpek. - a puzzle with perspective. Especially cool looking and played in augmented reality, Neo Cab is a narrative adventure about Lina, the last living taxi driver from New Yorkgrindstone is another game that proves that even the most discredited genre (three-in-a-row in this case) can still present something original Share your impressions of the listed games and offer your own contenders.