10 great offline open world games on iOS and Android

Open worlds that can be enjoyed without an Internet connection, definitely attract players. If we talk about large-scale gaming, then The Elder Scrolls, GTA, The Witcher or Fallout come to mind first. There is still nothing like this on mobile devices. Developers either break the world into separate locations, which is quite an appropriate compromise, or simply make the world itself smaller, shrinking it to the size of one large location, but allowing you to freely move around it. However, there are also exceptions.

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GTA San Andreas Do not be surprised if today or in the future you will meet not full-fledged mobile games, but ports from the PC. On iOS and Android, the ball is ruled by stupid strategies, three-in-a-row and other games in which you do not need to strain yourself. Developers still do not risk releasing something high-budget for portable platforms, so there are ports.

GTA San Andreas is a game that needs no introduction. One of the most famous projects in the series about the great car thieves.

A cool criminal plot, a lot of activities, colorful characters, landscapes, changing the time of day, a lot of cars, shootouts, trains,music and most importantly-a memorable open world with several cities and a rural area of about 40 square kilometers.

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm is the main exclusive of the Apple Arcade subscription service launched a week and a half ago. The project, which was announced back in 2016 — is a continuation that is absolutely better than the original in everything.

A full-fledged action RPG, which, of course, can not be compared with either The Legend of Zelda or other less well-known games in the genre, but represents a new word in the field of mobile gaming.

The open world consists of locations, but some of them are quite voluminous and, given the short game sessions, are perceived much more than their true size. This is a full-fledged single-player adventure, designed for at least 15 hours of passage.

The main drawback is exclusivity for owners of iOS devices. This means that it may appear on the PC or Nintendo Switch, but it is unlikely to be released on Android. At least in the near future.

Planescape: Tormentif something can be called a cult, then Planescape: Torment is the first in line. A stunning RPG with a plot worthy of the best fantasy cycles.

The project was released 20 years ago and is still worthy of the attention of those who passed by it. In Planescape: Torment, you will play as Nameless-a mysterious immortal who, having lived many lives, but now without remembering anything, goes on a journey to find answers to his questions.

If you don't like this emphasis on the plot and want more gameplay, but in the open world, you can look in the direction of Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate — other cult RPGs ported by Beamdog studio.

Stardew Valley and again a port. As they say, the simulator of the farmer is a "healthy person".

In this pixel game, you will inherit a farm and manage it in the best traditions of Harvest Moon. Here you need to deal with plants and animals, build a house, start a family, participate in the life of the valley, send to mysterious caves and much more.

Russian language, no in-app purchases, support for gamepads — a dream, not a game.

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath is an addition from the Oddworld series of the same name, in which you will play as a wanderer working as a bounty hunter.

The action takes place in an open world that visually resembles the scenery of the Wild West. The game itself consists of two elements: a third-person exploration of the world and a first-person shootout.

The project is quite old, but this is what made it possible to transfer it to mobile devices in its original form. The main thing you need to know about Stranger's Wrath is that it doesn't look like much, so it's definitely worth giving it a chance.

Off the Roadthe race has appeared in the category dominated by action, adventure and RPG.

Off the Road is a spectacular race in the open world on trucks, all-terrain vehicles and other unusual vehicles.

The developers of this game are known for pixel Blocky Roads and dynamic Offroad Legends. In Off the Road, they combined the best elements of these projects and made a truly unique mobile project. If it wasn't also free...

Cat Quest II is another exclusive Apple Arcade game, the first part of which can also be found on Android.

The game is popular even among Russian-speaking players, which is quite strange, given the unjustified, but widespread opinion that if the graphics in the game are too cartoon, then this project is exclusively for children.

In fact, a cozy adventure, where the main characters are your favorite pets, and the action takes place in a colorful world. The main feature of the second part is the possibility of cooperative passage.

Graveyard Keeregame, which is very similar to Stardew Valley, although radically different mood. Here you will need to manage not a farm, but a cemetery.

In the story, the main character from the usual got into an unusual world and is now forced to work as a cemetery keeper, while trying to figure out how to get back.

This is the same RPG with an emphasis on monotony, development and research. It also features bold black humor.

Monster Hunter Storiesthis game in the very popular series came to mobile with the Nintendo DS. If you know what this line is famous for, you will be surprised by the features of this particular part. So, here you need not to kill huge monsters, but to be with them at the same time.

You play as a legendary rider who explores a diverse world and participates in turn-based battles. The developers have prepared more than 60 monsters with unique skills, a full-fledged plot and even non-combat gameplay elements when you have to build relationships with monsters.

But the best part is that all this is available at a fixed price without in-game purchases. Yes, the price bites worse than the monsters from Monster Hunter, but you need to start somewhere.

ARK: Survival Evolved The final port and the final draft of today's compilation. ARK is incredibly popular on Steam, where it has more than 180 thousand reviews, and this despite the fact that it costs money.

On mobile, the developers released it for free, although this is not as critical as in the original mobile projects.

You will find a huge mysterious island filled with pre-human lizards, surrounded by which you will have to survive. Some will have to be killed, and some can be tamed.

ARK is a full-fledged survival simulator, so in addition to the action, you need to prepare for tracking your own indicators, collecting resources, building buildings, growing crops, and so on in this spirit.

Games are still a young genre of entertainment, when compared with literature or movies, but the older, the more complex it becomes. Developers who set a goal to make the game purposefully "open world", cope with it, but in the end just offer players a set of empty locations. The real open world is stories, and that's what you need to look for when choosing a project with such a feature. And even on mobile, there are such stories. These games are a great example of this.