10 new games in December 2016 for Android and iOS (Galaxy on Fire 3, Bully)

I would like more of these weeks – you can say this about the past one, because it pleased both with long-awaited games and completely unexpected releases. The shelves of the App Store and Google Play attract you with bright, stylish developments and a variety of genres-there is everything from comic flights, large-scale strategies and simulators, to puzzles and open-world RPGs. Fans of console quality will not be disappointed – there are enough such games this week, although, and more modest developments are able to entertain us to no less extent..

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore


Galaxy on Fire returns: gamers are waiting for adventures in the Neox galactic sector, dangerous missions and battles in deep space, exploring new territories and visiting space stations, exciting locations and a lot of content. To this list, you should add an updated control system and faster gameplay, and the result will be a great gaming experience.

Dawn of Titans

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Eta large-scale action strategy is ready to compete with the leaders of mobile platforms for the title of not only the most epic, but also the most visually challenging and attractive game. You are waiting for spectacular battles, in which thousands of warriors, hundreds of combat units, and colossal Titans will take part. You have to defend your territories and capture the enemy, build up combat power and win.

Bully: Anniversary Edition

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gDa, you are not mistaken-here is a console classic from Rockstar, and now you can immerse yourself in the complex life of a student of the worst school in the city on your mobile device. The game offers you an open world, asynchronous multiplayer, cross-platform saves, as well as skirmishes with bullies and attempts to win a place in the sun - all like in GTA, only on school grounds.

Silent Depth-WWII Submarine Simulation

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This realistic 3D submarine simulator is one of the most long-awaited games of the past week, which finally reached mobile devices. In it, you will play the role of the commander of the American submarine class Gato / Balao patrolling the depths of the Pacific Ocean during the Second World War. Your task is to destroy the ships of the Japanese navy with the help of torpedoes and cannons, complete control over all the systems of the submarine, evade enemy attacks, and all this in incredibly realistic locations.

Conduct THIS!

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gEta a cute game with simple controls puts you in a variety of locations, in which your task will be to deliver passengers from one station to another. You need to do this in such a way that the trains you run on the rails do not collide and explode. The gameplay is familiar, but this puzzle game beats the well-known formula very well.



R is a fast-paced, minimalistic arcade game with colorful graphics, futuristic vehicles, bizarre and dangerous obstacles, and a variety of tunnel tracks. The developers offer you an intuitive control scheme with just one touch, a driving soundtrack, as well as a wide range of different types of boosters.



gclassic music is not as boring as it may seem, and Pianista will be able to convince you of this. You will find an exciting rhythm game in which you will master classic compositions from legendary musicians of the past. It will delight you with thoughtful controls, multiple game modes, customizable options and competitive elements.


Unfortunately, the game has not yet appeared in the Russian segment of the App Store. Here you have to investigate the mysterious disappearances of people, especially since your character named John is personally interested in finding the culprit of the disappearances: one of the missing is his own brother. Search for clues and communicate with witnesses, use your abilities and investigate this strange case.

Steampunk Syndicate

GMIX tower defense and a card game with steepampunk elements-it looks, to say the least, interesting. You will find charismatic characters, steampunk weapons, 4 types of battle towers and special units that you can control directly. Your task is to protect the giant steam robot you have developed from destruction by the Syndicate terrorists. It looks like it won't be easy, nor exciting.

Hill Climb Racing 2

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Gthe fans of the first part of this game will not miss its sequel – in it they will find even more cars, no less difficult to pass the landscapes, improved graphics and a well-known main character, rolling through the hills on strange, and sometimes funny modes of transport.