10 new games October 2016 (Gear.Club, Zombie Anarchy)

What to do with long and dull autumn evenings? This question is probably asked by many gamers in search of fresh games, and our selection of new products is ready to serve as an answer. So, what did we enjoy last week? Preparations for Halloween were successful, so we can not do without bloody games and zombie themes. But that doesn't mean that fans of something quieter won't find something to do. Judge for yourself:



Ishte realistic racing-then you are here, because in Gear.Club from Eden Games Mobile is not only a ton of adrenaline, but also a complete simulation of aerodynamics and engine operation. You are waiting for online championships and regular events, stylish cars and gorgeous full HD graphics. And the locations where the races will take place, and sports cars that will be collected-all this looks so spectacular that this game can be ranked as a must have.

Zombie Anarchy

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Gameloft promises us a bittersweet zombie apocalypse, and, of course, you can't do without survival here. Gather a team of survivors, defend your camp from the attacks of the living dead, stock up on resources and fight using all your strategic skills. Your task is to survive at all costs, destroying as many zombies as possible and saving your teammates.

Dexter: Slice

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Grasskazyvat you about who is Dexter Morgan, apparently, not worth it – you are already familiar with this charming and insanely dangerous character of the same TV series. Here is a puzzle game in which you will have to pass the levels by tapping on the cells filled with blood, while avoiding knives, cleavers and other types of cold weapons. She is voiced by Dexter's father, the same actor who played him in the series. The voice of the main character is also promised to us-but a little later-after the update.


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Gdobrostvuyte to the corporation SMILE Inc., in which you have to climb the career ladder higher and higher, but how it ends-depends only on you. On the way to success, you will find deadly traps and a terrible aggressive technique that only wants to deal with your character. Will you be able to survive in this career race – download this humorous game from Super Lame Games and find out for yourself.

Taps to Riches

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g Build your own empire from a single city, build buildings and earn money, invest and rise from the very bottom to the top of big business. Hire advisors and helpers, and tap – taps, as the name suggests, will help you in this clicker created by the guys from Game Circus.

Soccer Shootout

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The ability to shoot penalties is the most important thing in football, and gamegou studio offers you to practice it. Here you will find 3D graphics and multiplayer mode, simple intuitive controls, special abilities and weekly challenges. Your skill will not go unnoticed – leaderboards and rewards are waiting for the most accurate and most agile gamers.


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nThe combination of everyone's favorite pinball with a neon visual aesthetic in the style of Tron and dynamic arcade action-that's what this development is. Stylish and exciting-this is the most concise description of the PinOut gameplay, and in combination with the soundtrack, it turns into a completely addictive action

Agent A

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Facet appeared on iOS, this concise and stylish game is finally available for Android fans. As a secret agent, you will have to solve puzzles, collect clues and useful items, conduct a secret investigation, and do not forget-the style of spy tapes of the 60s will accompany you everywhere.

Fantasica: Bloodlines

At the moment, the game is temporarily not available in Russian stores.

G Company DeNa decided to continue its successful RPG Fantasica, released in 2012. Players will travel through a colorful game world, where they will need to collect heroes, from which they will then have to create a team and compete with it against enemies. Customization of characters and weapons, of course, is implied, just like PvE, PvP, and cooperative boss battles.