10 new products of the week: Alto's Odyssey, Maguss and others (February 2018)

The main event of the past week in mobile gaming was the appearance of the long-awaited Alto's Odyssey. Perhaps all the other releases fade in its background, but, nevertheless, they took place and are sufficiently diverse-from RPGs and puzzles, to brawlers and dungeon crawlers.

Alto's Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey on iOS

The Snowman guys don't need any introductions. The adventures of their hero Alto continue in new, even more spectacular locations – this time in the desert, where he will have to slide over dunes and dunes, climb through canyons to avoid collisions with lemurs. The long-awaited release of Alto's Odyssey has finally taken place, and it looks like it will meet the expectations of gamers.

Dice Brawl

Dice Brawl on iOS and Android

Create your own team of heroes from Elves, Dragons, Pirates and, oddly enough, Robots. Build a fortress and defend it from enemies - real-time PvP battles in different types of arenas are waiting for everyone. Don't let the cartoon graphics of this game confuse you – it is dynamic and full of surprises.

Glitch Dash

Glitch Dash on iOS and Android

This minimalist arcade game puts gamers in a beautiful, neon-lit, abstract world in which they will have to survive, moving at high speed between a ton of various obstacles. Giant hammers and lasers, pikes and swords are ready to flatten and destroy them, and the gameplay is a real challenge.


Maguss on iOS and Android

This game offers gamers to make a magical journey through the Earth, saving it from the forces of evil with the help of runes and magic spells. Learn powerful spells, fight creatures of darkness, brew potions, collect ingredients for them, search for treasures and develop your skills as a magician. Everything is in your hands here.

Rogue Hearts

Rogue Hearts on IOS

Dungeon crawlers and bagels have long occupied their niche in the world of gaming. The next RPG Rogue Hearts successfully combines these genres, complementing them with strategic gameplay. Here, players will discover dungeons full of monsters and treasures, and battles, as well as exploring new territories, waiting for bosses, traps and puzzles, everything that can captivate fans of role-playing games.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of CaoCao

Romance of the Three Kingdoms on iOS and Android

This classic SRPG has reached mobile platforms and offers gamers to take part in the quest of the main character, who goes to fight for the three kingdoms. Epic battles and exciting journeys, strategy and tactics, legendary heroes and a deep plot – everything is as it should be in the classics.

Up a Cave

Up a Cave on iOS and Android

Dark caves and mazes await you in this minimalist yet stylish platformer. Its gameplay is based on physics and offers to collect gold and crystals in dark caves, making their way to the rescue exit. The collected treasures allow you to improve the characteristics of the character-the glowing cube, helping him to overcome more and more obstacles.

Darkest Nightmare: Freeform

Darkest Nightmare: Freeform on iOS and Android

Nightmares and the forces of darkness await the main character of this game. The light leaves the dark dungeons, and only magic can bring it back again and defeat the monsters lurking in the darkness. Your task is to survive and help the light to reign again in the game world.

Birdy Trip

Birdy Trip on iOS and Android

When the weather is not happy, all that remains cute birds, the heroes of this game-to migrate to warmer climes. But, as it turned out, the path to the sunny shores is not so simple and on the way your birds will be waiting for various dangers and even opponents. The rescue of small but brave travelers is in your hands.


SiNKR on iOS and Android

Another minimalist jigsaw puzzle game is ready to attract the attention of puzzle lovers. Smooth music, gameplay based on logic and ingenuity, tasks with increasing complexity, no points, prizes and competitions – only relaxation and calm reflection. What else do you need to pass the time?!