10 new products of the week: ARK: Survival Evolved, Dragon Ball Legends and others (June 2018)

All the conversations of gamers over the past week revolved around the E3 exhibition, but this does not mean that the game designers did not plan any releases for this period. Yes, they took place, and let the players do not wait for sensational projects and bright developments, nevertheless, they will have something to do. Especially, fans of RPG-games of this type have appeared a lot, it remains to choose exactly the one that you like.

Alvastia Chronicles

Alvastia Chronicles on iOS and Android

Join a team of 100 champion heroes, avenge the death of your parents and save the world in this classic RPG. You are waiting for battles with monsters alone or in a group of up to 13 players, as well as weapon upgrades, character development and all that is typical for role-playing gameplay.


AlchemiaStory on IOS and Android

Another role-playing game this week - this time a JRPG, in which, traditionally for the genre, you will find a deep storyline, cute, detailed characters, colorful graphics and battles with the forces of evil, which, as usual, are trying to occupy the world. The story is not new, but it is interesting.

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved on iOS and Android

Gdohistorical Survival - why not?! And again an RPG, now with elements of the survival genre. Catch and tame dinosaurs, use them in wars against other tribes and players, build settlement bases and join clans and alliances. Let your tribe become the strongest in the inhospitable world of this game.

Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 on iOS and Android

The most dangerous part of the Bloons TD series is in front of you. This bright and colorful game in the genre of tower defense, despite the cartoon graphics, will require gamers to calculate their actions and think strategically. 20 maps, 19 types of towers, three branches of upgrades and more than 100 subspecies of improvements of various kinds-this can keep you busy for a long time.

Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends on iOS and Android

Dragon Ball Legends now appears on your smartphones and offers spectacular 3D 1-on-1 battles with players from all over the world. This card battler is characterized by intuitive controls and simple, but addictive gameplay, which is quite easy to understand. Unfortunately, the game is currently not available in Russia, although you can already get acquainted with the game in other stores.

Giants War

Giants War on IOS and Android

The number of role-playing games this week is simply off the scale, and gamers are again invited to the next battles. Creating and upgrading heroes, building your own army, exploring the game world, tons of quests-all this promises players an exciting pastime-if this genre has not had time to get tired of them.

God of War: Mimir's Vision

God of War: Mimir's Vision on IOS and Android

G The game world of God of War, perhaps, lacked elements of augmented reality. Here you will find the legends of Midgard, secrets and secrets that will have to be revealed, maps with new, uncharted territories and a lot of other, no less exciting tasks.

Knights Chronicle

Knights Chronicles on iOS and Android

gthe journey through time and space to another planet called Garniel leads players to another RPG. And, despite the alien locations, in it you are again waiting for heroes with unique skills and abilities, upgrades, adventures and a deep storyline, told in cutscenes with professional voice acting.


Perspecto on iOS and Android

This puzzle game (finally not a role-playing game) offers gamers to switch from 2D to 3D vision to solve puzzles based on geometric perspective. Simple at first glance, this game will be able to captivate you – it is not so easy to achieve mastery in it.

Infinite Pool

Infinite Pool on IOS

Infinite Pool on IOS

< / p >Here gamers are offered a rather interesting idea of billiards – with cute balls, original puzzle levels, the ability to change the qualities and parameters of the balls with unlockable caps, tricky tricks and entertaining missions.