10 new products of the week: Injustice 2, Sky Gamblers Races and others (May 2017)

Game designers promised a lot of releases last week and kept their promises – it turned out to be fruitful. Not only that – and bright releases are also quite enough. Any game from the top ten selected by us is worthy of your attention, and if in doubt, see for yourself:

Injustice 2

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Action-fighting game with your favorite characters from the DC universe is doomed to success. The first game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, managed to attract the attention of gamers, and the second deepens its gameplay and brings new characters, adds new modes and refreshes the combat mechanics, and the action in it becomes even more.

RKill Shot Virus

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Gadrenalin and dynamics will abound here-you will find a spectacular zombie shooter, in which beautiful graphics are combined with a huge arsenal of weapons - from assault rifles and shotguns to machine guns. You will face different types of zombies, each of which is dangerous in its own way. To defeat them, you will need special tactics - do not expect mindless shooting from this game, tactics play an important role here.

Sky Gamblers Races


GW This popular series had enough dogfights, but not enough races, and, lo and behold, they appeared. Now you can take part in World War II aircraft competitions, hone your pilot skills and reach new heights. You will enjoy unique visual and sound effects, flying in 3D space and detailed drawings of MiGs, Messerschmitts, Mustangs and Tomahawks.

Crash Club

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G In this game there are cars, but there are no races, no rules – you can go anywhere and destroy anything-the main thing is to score more points and overtake your rivals. The action here takes place in real time, and your opponents are not asleep – they will try to destroy everything around, including you. So upgrade your car and arm yourself properly-a solid action is waiting for you.

Dungeon, Inc.

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Your dungeon should be the best-which means you'll have to manage it wisely. Make it deeper, populate it with even more dangerous monsters, expand territories and earn as much gold as possible. And do not forget to properly protect your savings from uninvited visitors – there are enough of them in this game.

Miles & Kilo


U popular and quite difficult to pass platformer Kid Tripp finally appeared a sequel. No less fast and no less complex, with unique locations, bosses, a story and a chiptune-style soundtrack-it will surely find its fans and will be able to captivate them with 36 different levels and new features of the character.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War

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Choose a team of notorious thugs and go to conquer the seas, equip your schooner and fight with other pirates to prove that you are the best in the Caribbean, the storm of the oceans and a real corsair. Spectacular graphics and familiar characters from the movies, of course, are provided.



Ride on the back of a whale-sounds unrealistic, but in mobile games, everything is possible – even this. So ride a cute whale and go on an endless adventure. Let your whale dive and jump out of the water, overcoming obstacles, and your task is to tap on the screen in time, controlling it.

Sherlock Homes: The Last Breath


Gzasushennaya head, forbidden manuscript and the mistress of the house, found dead – this is the plot of this detective story, the secret of which will be revealed to Sherlock Holmes. Players will find an interactive graphic novel, thoughtful and exciting.

To the Moon

The heroes of this game are a pair of doctors who have chosen to fulfill the last wishes of their dying patients as their mission. An elderly man named Johnny has always dreamed of going to the Moon, and your characters will have to get into his memories to find out the reasons for this desire. You will find a strange but amazing puzzle adventure with a deep plot and stylish graphics.