10 new products of the week: Oddmar, Ocean Legend and others (April 2018)

A variety of activities – that's what the game designers came to last week. Spring is in full swing, which means that, in addition to saving the world, it's time to go fishing and brewing, take part in motorcycle races or helicopter battles. All those who perform a sufficient number of feats will receive a pass to Valhalla, and those who are not in a hurry to visit it yet can continue their exploits on the seas and in space.

Brew Town

Brew Town on iOS and Android

A brewing simulation game? It sounds strange, but it's true nonetheless. In this title, you will manage your own brewery and brew craft beer, which means selecting its recipe, developing the design of bottles and cans, expanding its production and trading.

Fishing Strike

Fishing Strike on iOS and Android

Netmarble studio promises gamers the most realistic fishing of all possible on the touchscreens. This includes 500 species of fish, a simulation of biting, and even creating your own virtual aquarium from the fish you catch. It will be possible to visit it in VR and AR, which makes the game even more close to reality.


Oddmar on iOS

The developers of the stylish and beautiful Leo's Fortune are back with another, no less interesting puzzle-platformer in the Scandinavian theme. The main character of this game leads a quiet and dull life in the village, for which we despise our Viking friends. He does not dream of getting to Valhalla, but suddenly his fate changes abruptly, promising travel and real adventures full of dangers.

Lightstream Racer

Lightstream Racer on iOS

Action, stylish graphics, online and offline modes, competitions, cool futuristic bikes and incredible tracks right in front of your eyes, in real – world locations-all this is Lightstream Racer. Motorsport in augmented reality-it looks impressive, download and see for yourself.

Ocean Legend

Ocean Legend trial run on iOS and Android

Adventure MMORPGs do not always invite players to fantasy kingdoms – sometimes the action in them takes place in locations that are much more realistic. In this case-on the ocean expanses of the 15th century, in the era of Great Geographical discoveries. Become a simple sailor or pirate, surf the seas and search for treasures, explore the oceans and discover islands-the spirit of freedom and adventure rules here.


Onraid on iOS and Android

This 2D shooter game offers multiple combat modes, characters of different classes, the ability to create teams with friends or fight with unfamiliar opponents, collect items and craft weapons, customize your character and use cool gadgets. In short, players will not be bored here.

World of Gunships Online

World of Gunships Online on iOS and Android

World of Gunships combines high-quality 3D graphics with intuitive controls and exciting aerial battles in various locations. The game offers 20 types of combat helicopters, powerful and customizable, a wide selection of weapons and equipment for them, PVP battles and deadly team matches. There will be a lot of action and shooting – this is guaranteed by the authors.

Phantom Signal

Phantom Signal on IOS

A spaceship wandering in the vastness of the universe suddenly picked up a strange signal and went in search of its source. But on the way, the ship was attacked by an unknown enemy. Your task is to help the ship's crew manage resources, create energy cells, improve the ship and destroy enemies.

Mean Machines Demolition Derby

Mean Machines Demolition Derby on iOS and Android

Mean Machines is an action game inspired by projects such as Demolition Derby, Robot Wars and RC Racing. It combines realistic physics with beautiful textures, and destructible environments with different types of game modes. The content in it is more than enough to provide gamers with a non-boring pastime.

Avernum 3: Ruined World HD

Avernum 3: Ruined World HD on iOS

Here is an epic adventure indie RPG with hours of gameplay and a confusing fantasy plot. It offers battles with monsters to save the world, the development of character abilities, the search for magical artifacts, and all the things that role-playing games are good for.