10 new products of the week: World of Warships Blitz, Cytus II and others (January 2018)

The appearance of World of Warships Blitz, of course, pleased fans of military strategies, but fans of a completely different type of gameplay were not left without occupation. Thanks to a variety of puzzles, they have something to fill their evenings with. And especially for those who want to stir themselves up, game designers have a considerable number of racing games in stock.

World of Warships Blitz

World of Warships Blitz on Android and iOS

This project does not require submissions. A large-scale action MMO based on the PC version, thanks to the efforts of Wargaming, has reached mobile platforms. Naval battles of the Second World War are now available on the touchscreens – they will be fast and dynamic, with 7-on-7 ship battles, strategic elements and with the participation of the US, British, Japanese and Russian navies.

Cytus II

Cytus II on IOS

The famous Cytus from Rayark studio was continued. Rhythm games have always been successful for these authors, and Cytus II is no exception - it looks no less playable and stylish. The voice acting, as always, is great, the gameplay is exciting, and the graphics are on top. Futuristic locations and user-friendly controls complete the picture and turn this project into a real must have.


HERO ACADEMY 2 on Android and iOS

gIgra, which was appreciated by a huge army of gamers, is back. In the sequel, you will find a deeper customization of the army, PVP-battles in real time, successfully combined tactics and strategy, thoughtful team building and battle management. The range of battlefields is significantly expanded, and the gameplay is deepened.

Blocky Racing

Blocky Racing on Android and iOS

Rblocky Racing on maps is a kind of classic. And if the classics are bright and voxel – it is, moreover, doomed to success with arcade fans. 55 unique tracks, a variety of vehicles and racers themselves that can be unlocked, as well as competitive gameplay and the ability to fire at opponents - all this is enough to make a good impression on the players.



Thanks to the neon lighting in the cyberpunk style, this top-down shooter looks very stylish. In it, players will have to administer justice in a futuristic city flooded with criminal elements, using lasers, missiles and other weapons in various modes.

Finger Driver

Finger Driver for Android and iOS

Gigs from Ketchapp are always minimalistic, simple in appearance, but extremely difficult to pass. This kind of racer fits well into the general scheme: to drive a car by running your finger on the screen-it seems to be nowhere easier, the main thing is not to fly off the road. But in practice, passing the tracks of this game will be a whole test for reflexes.

Final Drift Project

Final Drift Project on Android and iOS

There is never much drifting, and Final Drift Project is able to prove it. Forget about careful driving – only risk and speed are waiting for you here, but it can't be any other way if you want to pass the track with the best time and take a worthy place in the world leaderboards of this bright game.

Forgotten Hill Mementoes

Forgotten Hill Mementoes on Android and iOS

Rforgotten Hill Mementoes offers gamers an immersion in a deep story full of riddles and mysticism, in which grotesque characters and dialogues are juxtaposed with a ton of various puzzles. Mysterious atmosphere, locations hidden in the gloom and strange events-all this will accompany the players on the way to the goal.

RIT's Full of Sparks

RIT's Full of Sparks on Android and iOS

is a colorful platformer with hand-drawn levels, an original and atmospheric soundtrack, and even a storyline. In it, players will not only have to jump and climb through the locations of the game world, but also fly, overcome obstacles and change colors – and all this over 80 levels, not only beautiful, but also difficult.

Mind Construct

Mind Construct on Android and iOS

minimalistic sci-fi world of Mind Construct offers you to collect and combine memories, revealing the secrets of each manually drawn level. All of them are depicted in their own unique style and color scheme and offer a calm, relaxing gameplay with perfectly selected music.