11 expected games in the trial run

The concept of a trial launch has become a common phenomenon in the world of mobile gaming. Soft launch allows you to polish the game mechanics, evaluate the balance of gameplay and eliminate any problems in the early stages of the game launch, while it has not yet reached the global release.

At the moment, there are several interesting games at the trial launch stage – some of them still need to be finalized, and some are almost ready to appear. So, what are we going to play in the near future?:

Rocket Cars

R The creator of Touchgrind and Labyrinth, the Illusion Labs team, launched its free-to-play racer Rocket Cars in the Canadian App Store on December 10. This game offers gamers 50 tracks and five free cars, while the remaining 10 cars will have to be purchased for the money earned in the game, or for real cash.

The Witcher Battle Arena

CD Projekt continues to develop in the theme of its series The Witcher, and this time we are waiting for a free-to-play MOBA with 3-on-3 character battles, the main characters of which will be actors from a well-known RPG. This game was developed specifically for mobile devices and combines intuitive controls with the need to think strategically and act actively. It has been on trial in Sweden since December 4.

Spooky Pop

After the super successful Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, the developers from Supercell decided to create a match-3 style puzzle called Spooky Pop. In it, you will have to hunt for ghosts by selecting matching elements. The game has been at the soft launch stage in Canada since December 2 and has already undergone some changes during this time.

Heavenstrike Rivals

Poshagovy tactical battler Heavenstrike Rivals looks like a classic from the studio Square Enix, promising gamers deep strategic gameplay, PvP battles and the ability to collect warriors. The trial run of this game lasts for about 2 months in Canada, Ireland and Australia.

Godfinger 2

GodFinger 2 - the sequel to the successful 2010 hit GodFinger-promises gamers new features and a completely new game engine that will allow you to improve your world and engage in crafting. In addition, there will be an option that allows you to lead your followers into battle with other players.

REvil Genius Online

gEta game is a remake of the PC simulator from Elixir Studio, created in 2004. Evil Genius Online combines the Dungeon Keeper theme with elements of the James Bond franchise. As a result, your hero becomes an evil genius who has built his own secret dungeon full of minion minions who are ready to implement the devil's plans. Since November 10, the game has received one update that improved the interface, increased speed and added the ability to communicate in social networks.

Dungeon Boss

GESCHE on October 22, the Big Fish studio launched its game Dungeon Boss - an action-battler in which gamers will collect 8-bit monsters and expose them to battles with other players ' characters. The game received the last update on December 10, it eliminated some bugs, but we are not talking about the end of the trial run yet.

Driver Speedboat Paradise

Driver Speedboat Paradise is the latest iteration in the famous Driver series, which has slightly changed its role and has become not just a racer, but a water racer. A total of 32 races and 5 game modes are waiting for you in various locations-from Miami to Venice, and in addition, a beautiful soundtrack and a ton of thrills. The soft launch of this game began on October 17 in Australia and New Zealand and is still ongoing.

The Crew Road Empire

gEta development from Ubisoft is dedicated to management and racing, especially since it manages to combine it. The trial run of the game in Australia and New Zealand was quite a long time ago – in the summer, but for now it is receiving regular updates.

Rassassin's Creed Identity

gRazrabotka company Ubisoft, action-RPG Assassin's Creed Identity offers players to create, develop and train their own assassin, sending him to perform missions during the Italian Renaissance. A total of 16 randomly generated mission types are waiting for you. They will be short, at least, according to representatives of Ubisoft. Since August 6, the game has experienced three updates that brought gamers new content,

Midnight Star

gEta development studio Industrial Toys has been in a trial run for about 8 months in quite extensive territories, ranging from Australia and Zealand and ending with Ireland, Sweden and, oddly enough, the Philippines. Over the past period, the game has received seven updates, and in the last of them, the Industrial Toys team redesigned the first mission and improved performance on medium-level devices.