13 science fiction games for Android and iOS: space, robots, aliens

Science fiction is not just a very interesting, but also a useful genre. It allows you not only to think within the limits of the existing world, but to come up with bold things that, as history shows, often come true.

In the gaming industry, sci-fi occupies a very important place, which is reflected in mobile projects. We offer you 13 amazing games about space, robots, cyber warriors, aliens and much more.

FTL: Faster Than Light

This game combines 3 genres at once: strategy, space simulator and bagel. The first makes the game demanding, not allowing you to relax. The second one creates conventions that are close to reality, which makes you believe that what is happening is real. And the third one guarantees a fantastic level of replayability.

You control a spaceship and its crew members. The task is to monitor the ship's performance, explore the galaxy, engage in battles and perform various tasks. In the event of death, you simply start over, with the game universe randomly generated.

Out There + Out There: Chronicles

The game Out There from Mi-Clos Studio also has elements of a bagel, but this is no longer a spaceship simulator, but a quest with elements of survival. You go to the moon of Jupiter in a cryogenic chamber, but, as is often the case in science fiction, something goes wrong.

From now on, your task is to explore the galaxy, collect resources, interact with other races, and most importantly — try to survive and understand what is happening in the galaxy.

Out There Chronicles is a series of graphic novels based on the Out There universe, in which the genre is in the foreground, as dictated by the genre — history.


This is a role-playing game with elements of survival and a bagel from the developers with a very cool name Butterscotch Shenanigans.

You will explore a diverse world inhabited by various creatures. With some you can negotiate, and with the rest you will have to engage in battle. You will take various tasks, look for items to craft more complex equipment and use it for its intended purpose.

The developers have offered players an endless inventory that will serve you the tools you need, and you can enjoy adventures and crafting.

War Robots

Multiplayer third-person shooter, the main feature of which, as the name implies, are the characters-huge combat robots.

Dozens of deadly machines with unique weapons are waiting for you, allowing you to adjust the gameplay to suit yourself; dynamic 6-on-6 real-time battles and clan battles, which will make single-player battles more meaningful.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

How can a discussion of science fiction do without mentioning the most famous movie saga in the universe? Galaxy of Heroes – one of the most popular games based on the theme with more than 10 million installations on Android alone, but unfortunately not the best.

The character-collecting RPG created by Electronic Arts, while offering a great fan service, also includes a lot of free-to-play elements, which negatively affects the overall experience of the game.

Space Rangers: Legacy

One of the most popular computer games created in the CIS, suddenly released on mobile devices in the spring of 2018.

It's a mix of role-playing games, space simulator and text quest. For the mobile release, the developers redesigned the graphics, adapted the interface for touch devices, optimized and cleaned the project from errors.

The main drawback, of course, is the free base of the game, but it is only necessary to speed up the game process, but not for important gameplay mechanics.

Shadowgun Legends

MADFINGER Games are famous for excellent shooters, such as Unkilled and Dead Trigger, but the quintessence of their creativity can be considered exactly Shadowgun Legends.

This is definitely a project not without drawbacks, but with an emphasis on high-quality graphics, epic single player campaign, co-op missions and raids like in major MMO games and much more.

Machinarium Pocket Edition

The legendary quest from the legendary Amanita Design tells the story of the adventures of the cute robot Josef, who seeks to save his girlfriend and clear the city from the Gang of Black Hats.

This is a point-and-click quest, the main difference between which and other representatives of the genre is the ability to interact only with nearby objects.

One of the best games of 2009 and a recognized masterpiece in its genre.

Bridge Constructor Portal

The puzzle is a crossover of one of the best computer games in the history of Portal and the popular mobile series Bridge Constructor.

From the latter, there is the need to build bridges through which a specific number of cars must pass, and from the first — the use of portals. The game has a good picture, a proprietary gameplay for the two projects, and even some humor.

Bonus: major computer ports Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is one of the best role – playing games in history, created by Bioware, telling an original story that takes place 4000 years before the events described in the films.Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series is one of many episodic adventure games created by Telltale Games based on the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book and movie series.

Tales from the Borderlands – another adventure from Telltale, considered by many to be one of the best in the career of developers.

XCOM: Enemy Within is an independent add-on for a great tactical turn-based game.