50 expected games of 2014 for iPhone iPad and Android #3

We said goodbye to 2013 and now we are looking forward to what the coming 2014 will bring us. — what will please the gamers of the developers, what new things will appear on the virtual shelves of the App Store and Google Play.

gthe list of noteworthy games that should be released on mobile platforms this year is very large, and even with all our efforts, we could not make it smaller. So, here is the 3rd part of the 50 expected games for iOS and Android, the releases of which should take place in 2014.


This work of the Nyamyam studio is a paper puzzle game for iOS, in which you plunge into adventures, following the plot and folding it on the screen like origami from a sheet of paper.

Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon

The original version of the Spider game from Tiger Style was dedicated to the travels and adventures of a small spider – let's see what the authors want to offer us in the sequel, which is being prepared for release in the App Store...

FTL: Faster Than Light

R Before you is a space flight simulator in the universe, the locations of which are randomly generated. In this iPad game from Subset Games, you will control your team on board a spaceship and experience many adventures.

Blackwell Legacy

Wadjet Eye Games has started porting its old school adventure games to iOS. The first was Gemini Rue, and the second was Shivah. Now we are waiting for the next point-and-click game for iOS, dedicated to the paranormal.

Deep Loot

gEta iOS game was one of the most exciting at the Big Indie Pitch event in London. It offers you as the main character a diver who is engaged in a treasure hunt on the seabed. The game is developed by the studio Monster and Monster.

Epic Eric

This platformer for iOS from 232 Studios at first seems too simple, but, at the same time, it is quite original, and, of course, worthy of attention.

Chroma Squad

the first game from Behold Studio-Knights of Pen & Paper was a runner's mix with a board game. The next development, designed for the iOS and Android platforms, is also a runner, and, apparently, quite interesting.

Monument Valley

This isometric puzzle game for iPad from USTWO studio offers you original graphics and unusual puzzles based on geometry.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of our Fathers

GJANE Jenson releases a remake of his 1993 point-and-click game Gabriel Knight: Sins of our Fathers. It should be available on iPad and Android next year.

Warhammer 40k Armageddon

Bittersweet iOS game dedicated to the Warhammer universe from Slitherine studio. In it, the space infantry will fight the orcs in 35 different scenarios, and you will have access to about a hundred combat units with different skills and capabilities.


Eta development from Loveshack will not appear on iOS until next year, but it has already managed to get several awards and intrigue gamers with its original gameplay.

The Silent Age - Episode 2

Gstudiya House on Fire created The Silent Age-an adventure point-and-click game for iOS and Android platforms, in which you alternately fell into the 70s and the post-apocalyptic 2012. And now, it's the turn of the sequel, which offers players even more complex and original puzzles.

Joe Danger Infinity

gEta game is an endless runner, the action of which will take place among the toys in the children's bedroom. It is developed by the Hello Games studio for the iOS platform.

The Collectables

Gstudiya Crytek has already managed to impress gamers with its puzzle game Fibble, and their next iOS development is based on completely different principles-the management of a well-armed squad of soldiers.


Gthe plot of this point-and-click game from Wadjet Eye Games, intended for porting to iOS, is dedicated to four characters who must work together to be the first to discover a secret and very dangerous development of a deceased scientist, before it falls into the wrong hands.


It seems that the game Supernauts, developed by the studio Grand Cru, has every chance to become a free-to-play phenomenon in 2014. This mix of social construction strategy with Minecraft promises to dethrone the famous Clash of Clans from the pedestal of the App Store – at least, the results of trial launches in Canada and Finland say exactly that.

Game of Thrones

Telltale studio promises the release of this game for mobile devices during 2014. After the success of the game, dedicated to the theme of the Walking Dead, no one will be surprised that the studio will be able to work with the material of any promoted TV series. So, the turn came to "Game of Thrones" or Game of Thrones-the hit of the American TV channel HBO.

Sonic & Sega: All Stars Racing Transformed

Goriginalny kart-racer with the blue hedgehog Sonic as the main character got the sequel from Sega, and with it, in addition to maps, ships, planes and a real NASCAR driver Danica Patrick.

World of Tanks: Blitz

The expected hit from the Wargaming company, which is scheduled for release on iOS and Android and should be something very large-scale. Emulating the famous MMO World of Tanks on mobile platforms will not be easy, so the Belarusian developers are not in a hurry with the release.

Ferris Mueller's Day Off

Rthe last game from GlitchGames-Forever Lost-was not just gloomy, but very gloomy. The next development is diametrically opposite in atmosphere - it is a colorful comedy adventure, but it is also full of puzzles.