6 Nintendo games that I would like to see on iOS and Android

Nintendo and Apple have announced the release of Super Mario Run on iOS. You can imagine that almost a real game about Mario will be released on mobile platforms! This is one of the best news for this year, our favorite games from Nintendo are moving to the mobile platform.

gU we already have Miitomo, Pokemon GO and Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem are due out soon. Let's think about what other franchises from Nintendo can come to our smartphones and tablets.

The Legend of Zelda

Nomer one in our list is big and ancient, no - Legendary. To see this amazing series on your smartphone is just a dream! 2D graphics like in The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds will look great on our Retina displays.

Mario Kart

Imagine, it will be like Angry Birds Go!, only better. But seriously, Mario Kart is great in itself, and playing in multiplayer will be the best fun. To transfer it to a device that almost everyone has - this, in my opinion, is the key to success.

Donkey Kong Country

the last couple of years, 2D platformers are experiencing a resurgence. At the same time, we know from the example of Rayman: Fiesta Run and Canabalt how successful infinite runners can be. And if Donkey Kong Country is a runner, it will be a great game anyway! And don't skimp on Nintendo bananas!

Pokemon Red and Blue

R Listen, those hands that have already screwed Pokemon Red and Blue on their smartphones. Do us all a favor and send the port to the AppStore. Definitely, there will be a lot of people who want to play it, and you will be able to raise a little cash.


Metroid is one of the most interesting and significant series for Nintendo. The first game in the series appeared back in 1986, and then Metroid games went through almost all Nintendo platforms. The game combines a fairly large pool of genres. You are waiting for a space adventure based on the research and collection of items in a compartment with shooting and platforming elements. Metroid on mobile platforms is definitely waiting for a huge success, it remains only to cross your fingers and wait for its release, yes, Nintendo?

Mario Party

Mario Party is the most hypothetical game from our list with the greatest potential (hypothetical). Each player chooses a character to play with. Then you all race, collect coins, pop balls, fight with your friends. As in the Jackbox service or Playstation Room only on the mobile platform.