7 great Action RPGs for iOS and Android: dynamic gameplay, interesting story and original setting

Action RPG — one of the most popular genres of games on computers and consoles. It is not surprising that many developers create similar projects on mobile devices. Action RPG is an opportunity to combine cool dynamic gameplay with a large open world, rich ent and interesting characters. Soon, Diablo Immortal will probably be released on mobile devices, and you can forget about the games from this list, even if Blizzard releases something completely absurd. But for now — some of the best action RPGs for iOS and Android.

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TransistorStudio Supergiant Games is unique. There is not a single bad or even mediocre game in their portfolio. And Transistor is considered by many to be the best.

How do you remember games? Cool mechanics, interesting world, exciting story? If you play Transistor, the first thing you will remember is the music. Therefore, when you first meet, be sure to wear headphones to immerse yourself with your head.

In terms of gameplay, there are no complaints about Transistor either. This is a cheerful action game, the main feature of which is the ability to create thousands of combat combinations and experiment with them in battle. And if you get tired of shouting, you can switch to planning mode. There are no deep tactics here, but this mode greatly dilutes the passage.

Transistor on mobile is a perfect example of why you can't consider mobile games from the point of view: "Well, this is mobile gaming. What do you want?! It's still a long way from PCs and consoles." Here it is — developers can make good games for smartphones and tablets. Here is another question-do they want to?

Honkai Impact 3rdHonkai Impact 3rd is not just an action game, but a slasher, where the combat system is hardly dynamic. She's insane.

The game is made in an anime style, which will make one half of the players fall in love, and the other half will hate it. But, in general, the graphic style deserves attention. And it is difficult not to pay attention to the fact that the project, released 3 years ago, looks better than most of the new products.

The combat system is dynamic, but it's not Devil May Cry or Bayonetta. In principle, if you just click on the attack and special attack buttons, then there will be no problems during the passage.

However, the main problem with Honkai Impact 3rd is that it is made according to the canons of mobile games. There is a plot here and many even praise it, but the developers expect that you will play the game for years, and this involves grinding, passing the same locations and everything in this spirit. If this is not a problem for you, then you will surely be satisfied.

By the way, the authors of this game are preparing Genshin Impact, which everyone has already managed to compare with the latest The Legend of Zelda. Let's hope that at least it will be made according to the classical canons.

GrimvalorGrimvalor is an action platformer with a side view, but don't let that put you off. The game looks great and is already challenging in the first levels.

It is compared to Dark Souls, but it has little in common with the creation of From Software. You can only highlight the dark setting and something else, which is at the very end. It has much more similarities with Diablo. Here, too, you have to return to the already visited locations, each time passing further and performing more and more difficult tests. There is also equipment, which largely depends on the success of the passage.

I really liked the movement system. The character can only run, jump and make a dash, but if you study the locations, it will all be more like a battle dance, rather than just moving from point A to point B.

Well, the cherry on the cake is the bosses. It is in the battles with them that the pain from Dark Souls is felt. Unfortunately, there is no depth here that makes you memorize the behavior of the enemy. You just need to learn how to dodge and attack quickly, but even this does not feel like a stupid shouting and is remembered.

Wonder Blade, of course, you all have a Snapdragon 855, and you didn't buy it to watch cartoons. But let's face it: if the stupid gameplay in mobile games can not be justified, then the picture is quite. After all, what is the point for developers to draw high-quality assets, if most of them will look at them on 6-inch devices? So drop your preconceptions and try Wonder Blade.

The game has a fairly simple cartoon graphics, but it also allowed you to achieve cool detail on the levels. And the characters here look very funny.

The gameplay is built on only 4 buttons, but as a result, there is such a bacchanal on the screen that you do not want to stop at all. In fact, in such a schedule and with such a combat system, a fighting game would look cool.

In the context of the theme of today's selection, the weakest role-playing component in Wonder Blade. The plot here is at the level of Mario, and the pumping does not have enough depth. You can improve the power of weapons and buy new abilities. However, this does not make the game any worse.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket EditionFinal Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is a game that, in fact, deserves much more honors than it received in its time. In fact, this is a full-fledged "Finale" for mobile devices and with quite good, albeit cartoon graphics.

Obviously, there were no compromises at all. There are a lot of them here, but even the remaining elements are enough to seriously consider the game one of the best mobile adventures.

The graphics were simplified, the open world was abandoned, side quests were removed, and even the combat system was not so dynamic. And what's left, you ask? There is still the coolest story, the passage of which will take 30 hours. And it alone is enough to play the pocket version of Final Fantasy XV.

Although it is important to understand that you must like Japanese stories to enjoy the local history. Here it is a crazy hodgepodge, in which you can find elements of a road movie, growing up, becoming a prince in a fairy-tale kingdom, and much more.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is not a perfect game, but as a concept it is amazing. This is a great example of how you can port to mobile projects, with which it would seem impossible to do this.

Implosion: Never Lose But there are hardly those who do not know about this game. On the other hand, in the 4 years since its release, a lot has changed in the industry, and the emphasis has shifted, so if you missed Implosion, then download it. At least try it is worth it. And you can do it for free.

Implosion is a game from the developers of Rayark, who are famous for their rhythm games, Cytus, VOEZ and others. This studio generally has the ability to take the next genre, remove everything unnecessary from it and show everyone else exactly how to make such a game.

Implosion has a simple but intriguing plot about how an unknown race attacks the Earth. For the sake of it, you are unlikely to stay here, but the very process of passing the history has a positive effect.

The game looks good, but it is very much like free Korean grindilki. I couldn't get rid of this feeling. Otherwise, it is a good example of how to make good actions on mobile devices with a sane amount of compromises.

Dust: An Elysian TailDust: An Elysian Tail is generally something unique. Indie project, ported from the PC, where Steam users managed to put it more than 10 thousand ratings, 96% of which are positive. So far, it's intriguing.

First of all, Dust: An Elysian Tail attracts with its graphics. It looks more like a cartoon than a game-a cross between Ori and the Blind Forest and the Rayman series. But to talk about imitation does not work — the game looks unique. There is also an amazing voice acting, but, unfortunately, only in English. If this is not a problem for you, then consider that you have received a nice bonus.

The setting is also cool here. The action takes place in a world where all the characters are intelligent animals, experiencing the same problems as people. Finally, the gameplay, unlike most of the other games in this collection, is not stripped down — this is a full-fledged slasher, which will only get better if you have the opportunity to play on the gamepad.

In fact, it's hard to talk about Dust: An Elysian Tail. This is a miniature masterpiece, in which everything is done flawlessly. If you want to immerse yourself in a small but cool fairy tale, by no means pass by.

Diablo Immortal can be shown as early as next week. For a whole year, nothing was heard about the game, and it's hard to say why. Did the developers just delay the release or did they really work on it to eventually release a high-quality product? Although, on the other hand, no matter what it turns out, it will still be played — Call of Duty: Mobile is a vivid example of this. If you are looking for a proven good action game, then choose one of the listed games, you will not lose.