7 mobile games successfully ported to other platforms

We have repeatedly written about PC and console games that have migrated to mobile platforms. These are FTL and Bastion, Transistor and Papers, Please, The Walking Dead and many others. But we never mentioned that some initially mobile development has successfully moved to desktops and consoles, and they feel very, very good there.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

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Sword & Sworcery is not like other RPGs – it does not have anime-style characters, or attacking orcs. Instead, you see pixelated characters and a strange but incredibly beautiful world, the likes of which you are unlikely to meet anywhere else. PC players appreciated the visual style and great soundtrack of this game. Meanwhile, the PS Vita version of Sword & Sworcery is being prepared for release.


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Gthe popularity of this game on mobile platforms has spread beyond them thanks to Twitter. In the future, this mathematical puzzle game settled on the Xbox One. The console's user interface turned out to be perfect for puzzles, so the migration was successful.

Fruit Ninja

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G With this game, everything turned out the same as with Threes – it perfectly fit into the console style of management. With the help of Microsoft, we got the original version of Fruit Ninja Kinect, in which you do not have to chop and cut falling fruits with swipes on the screen. Instead, you will swing your arms like a kung fu fighter, and you will definitely enjoy this activity.

Jetpack Joyride

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gEta game is considered one of the best creations of the studio Halfbrick, and its popularity on mobile platforms has not decreased since its appearance. It has long been classified as a must have, so the appearance of this title on consoles was only a matter of time. It made it to the PlayStation, but we won't be surprised to see it sooner or later on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. The fun of Jetpack Joyride is impossible to question, and, most interestingly, its gameplay is completely boring.

The Room

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RConnection games in the style of point-and-click previously migrated from the PC to mobile platforms, and with the puzzle The Room everything turned out exactly the opposite – after a mega success on iOS and Android, it appeared on the PC. There are no characters, dialogues or plot, everything revolves around solving puzzles, or rather, opening boxes, finding hidden buttons and picking up keys. The second part of this game has not yet been released on the PC, but, for sure, will get to this platform in the near future.

Super Hexagon

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If someone tells you that mobile games are simple and designed only for children-do not believe it. Ask your opponent to hold out in Super Hexagon for more than 10 seconds, and he will realize that he was categorically wrong. This brutally complex game appeared on the PC, entertaining YouTubers and fans of streaming via Twitch, and with them, everyone. To look at the faces of the players and listen to their howls of anger on the occasion of another loss is entertainment in itself. Hardcore games on mobile platforms are still possible, and Super Hexagon has become a clear proof of this.

Year Walk


Gstudio Simogo demonstrated that mobile games can be not only complex, but also very serious. Their development of Year Walk is really deep and incredibly interesting. Its dark plot and stylish graphics were as if created for the PC. Both versions of the game are equally good, so put on your headphones and enjoy.