7 Nintendo franchises that are perfect for mobile platforms

After the news about the upcoming collaboration between DeNA and Nintendo, we immediately thought about which games they should start their joint march on mobile platforms.

I let the representatives of Nintendo claim that they will not port well-known titles, we still hope to see the most famous characters from the game systems of this company on their mobile devices. Perhaps in a different capacity...

Itak, which games would we like to see first?

Mario Kart

Eta development has always been one of Nintendo's flagships. You can imagine it on mobile platforms in the form of a card-racer, which it already is. Yes, games of this genre feel good on the touchscreens, and the control with the help of a gyroscope fits perfectly into their gameplay. In this whole picture, there is one small but: how to fit monetization into the card-racer, and do it in such a way that you do not anger gamers with excessive donations?

gOtvet: You can do it the way you usually do in the MOV genre. Give gamers the opportunity to choose from a list of free racers or karts, and pay for those that have special features.

tRp also applies to the tracks – add a few more interesting tracks to the list of free tracks, for which racing fans will be happy to pay, especially since Nintendo has already done so in its Mario Kart 8. If the game will please gamers with a successful, bright design, then success is guaranteed.

Rhythm Heaven

Another famous franchise from Nintendo, which successfully combines musical rhythm gameplay with the presence of cute mini-games. This game is easy to imagine on a mobile device, especially since DeNA already has examples of similar developments – their WarioWare was very successful. In short, we have no doubt about the possibility of the appearance of Rhythm Heaven.

Donkey Kong's Crash Course

R A serious, high-quality game that looked great on the Wii U, just as well fit into mobile platforms. It provides navigation based on the tilt of the device, and this, again, is ideal for smartphones and tablets.

The ideas of monetization are quite feasible: make the first part of the obstacles free, and add the subsequent ones as paid updates at a symbolic price, so that every gamer can afford this purchase.

Brain Age

nes Despite the fact that traditional PC and console gamers do not like intellectual games too much, they are popular on mobile platforms.

that's why it's quite possible to create something interesting based on Brain Age. In 2005, when this game appeared, it looked decent. Much has changed over the past decade, but with the addition of fresh ideas, it can still be adopted.

Animal Crossing

R Something similar on mobile platforms has already been tried to repeat Seabeard and Castaway Paradise, but many gamers would really like to see the original version of Animal Crossing on their mobile devices. This development is so successful that Nintendo does not need to modify it for mobile platforms.

You can simply develop a companion game in which you can create a separate island linked to your account in the 3DS version of the game. This will give you the opportunity to complete quests and complete tasks on the new island, earning bonuses for use in the main game. DeNA is already familiar with the idea of creating shared online accounts, so it can easily implement something similar in practice.


Nintendogs is the perfect game for those who like to have virtual pets. For DS owners, this title was a real hit, and on mobile devices, pet games are incredibly popular, so its appearance is unlikely to cause anyone doubts. Touchscreens allow you to interactively communicate with small animals, and turn caring for them into a real pleasure, as close to reality as possible.

Advance Wars

Kak and in the case of Animal Crossing, mobile games of this type already exist on iOS and Android, but they do not manage to achieve the same degree of thoughtfulness and fun gameplay. In general, turn-based strategies are ideal for devices with touchscreens.

They are especially good in the case of splitting the game into a single-player campaign, in which you can gain experience, and multiplayer for more experienced players. Monetization can be expressed in the possibility of buying additional units with extra abilities for online battles with friends.


R As for one of the most famous franchises from Nintendo, it would be worth implementing on mobile platforms, perhaps, Pokemon Trozei or Pokemon Puzzle League, but it is unlikely that you should take up Pokemon RPG.

This is explained simply – there will clearly be problems with monetization here. Even if you try to sell players packs of 10 Pokeballs at the lowest price, fans of the franchise will not understand this, and in chat rooms and forums they will simply tear apart the hapless developers.