9 new games of the week: War Wings, Stronghold Kingdoms and others (August 2017)

Among the many RPGs that this week is ready to boast of, there are definitely a couple of games of a completely different genre – leading in Google Play War Wings, dedicated to aerial battles, and stylish the cyberpunk adventure of Technobabylon. However, a few cute puzzles and an unexpectedly original strategy will not go unnoticed. There will undoubtedly be enough classes for everyone.

War Wings

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expressions of the Second World War do not give rest to developers. This spectacular project offers gamers team dogfights in PvP mode, single-player daily missions and training levels. There are also custom aircraft of those years that can be upgraded and equipped with increasingly deadly ammunition, and global leaderboards that challenge all ambitious pilots.



Point-and-click - adventure game in the style of cyberpunk from the masters of the genre, the studio Wadjet Eye Games promises, as expected, a serious branched plot with bright characters, sci-fi-setting and a lot of adventures-always exciting and often very dangerous. The dystopian world is not as hospitable as you might expect, and the heroes of the game will feel it to the full.

Stronghold Kingdoms


Stronghold Kingdoms is a large-scale online multiplayer strategy game well known to PC gamers. If you have ever dreamed of building your own kingdom and expanding your invincible empire step by step, then Stronghold Kingdoms is created especially for you.

Chaos Battle League

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color strategy with elements of tower defense and a card game will allow you to fight with each other all those characters who have not met on the battlefield before. Mummies are ready to fight Cyclops, Aliens are ready to fight Pirates, and Ninjas are ready to fight Werewolves. Who will win, it is difficult to say - it depends on the correct selection of cards, team formation and strategic planning.

Snipers vs Thieves

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G In this real-time multiplayer, players can choose from two roles: they can become snipers and shoot robbers, or, conversely, join a gang and rob their rivals. Add to this the ratings, awards and seasonal events, as well as the masks of the presidents - and exciting action is guaranteed.

Super Phantom Cat 2


Kot, saving his sister, can be a worthy opponent. He sets out on a journey and is ready to overcome a lot of obstacles on the way to the goal, jumping over obstacles, climbing, revealing secrets and fighting.

Shrek Sugar Fever

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Meet well-known fairy-tale cartoon characters – they urgently need help. You will have to save Shrek's friends in a colorful puzzle " collect-three-in-a-row", simple, but very entertaining. With the role of a time-killer, she copes with " cheers", and more is not required of her.

Zlatan Legends


t Now even football players have official mobile games. The famous forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic has got his own arcade and is ready (under your control) to take part in an intergalactic tournament held on the most complex arenas of various planets.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition


Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition - a special premium version of the game, which does not have annoying energy and annoying elements of free-to-play. There will also be a new chapter that will tell the truth about Sensei's past and add at least 15 hours of exciting gameplay. The changes also affected the balance, now you will receive much higher rewards for winning.