9 new items of the week: Monument Valley 2, Art of Conquest and others (June 2017)

Among the abundance of military shooters, strategies and quests that pleased us this week, there are a couple of games in a completely different genre-stylish puzzle, high-tech farm, a little bit of racing and survival. When you get bored of leading your units into battle, you can wander through geometric worlds, grow crops, take part in races or shoot zombies.

Monument Valley 2


Siquel of the magnificent puzzle that was the opening of 2014, is in front of you. Travel through unique worlds, the bizarre geometry of which is maddening, explore the unusual space around you and manipulate it-the sequel has every chance to captivate you no less than the original.

Farming Simulator 18

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stat a modern farmer with this game is quite easy: here you can enjoy everything you can imagine-from raising animals and harvesting, to trading and working with machinery. And there are really a lot of agricultural machinery in this game, and you will have to learn how to masterfully manage it in order to achieve success and prosperity.

Art of Conquest

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GIS Explore a world full of magic, expand your kingdom, attack enemy fortresses and tame dragons – what's not to do for fans of the Middle Ages and epic battles?! Gather a team of legendary heroes – and go forward to new adventures and battles with other players.

The Quest-Thor's Hammer

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the fans of classic quest games are waiting for a new adventure. You will become a hero, fight Vikings, trolls and giants, complete a lot of tasks and prove that you are worthy of the honor. Weapons are waiting for you, there are enough enemies, why do you hesitate? Protect the world from evil in this exciting game.

Dead Age

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gI again zombie apocalypse, survival and battles, resource search and decision making. But Dead Age differs from most games in its genre in its non-linear plot and the presence of an irreversible death, permadeath, which makes its turn-based gameplay much more interesting.

Armored Warriors-WWII RTS


gEta real-time strategy game offers players to go through many campaigns of the Second World War, playing the role of the commander of the army of volunteers. Create troops and equipment, conduct development, build prototypes, test your new weapons in action and defeat the enemy.

Soul Warrior-Fight Adventure

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Side-scrolling adventures with platforming, battles, upgrades of warriors and weapons - a great entertainment, especially if there are 6 locations ahead that need to be cleared of evil and dangerous bosses. Equip your heroes, and let them be lucky.

Dr. Darkness

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Gtemnaya magic has engulfed the world, the sun has closed the clouds and darkness rules around. Dark creatures control the territory, and your task is to defeat them, so that the world will once again reign in light. This task will not be easy, but exciting gameplay and stylish graphics are provided for you.

GX Monsters

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kakaya week will do without another racer, and GX Monsters will be able to attract the attention of connoisseurs of drive and speed. Players are waiting for sports cars and monster trucks, tracks in different cities of the world, car customization – everything that is typical for racing games, everything that makes them look so exciting.