9 new products of the week: Homo Machina, Volcano Tower and others (May 2018)

The lack of bright mobile releases last week was compensated by a cute battler with Disney characters, a quirky puzzle with elements of avant-garde, classic, migrated from computers, "Minesweeper", as well as racing, PRG, and platforming – even if not so famous, but fresh and exciting.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode for iOS and Android

Well-known characters from popular Disney cartoons " Ralph the Destroyer", " Toy Story", "Zootropolis", "The Incredibles" and many others have come together to fight back against the virus destroying their digital city. They can create an invincible team and, properly armed, fight the enemy, saving their friends from imminent death.

Homo Machina

Homo Machina for iOS and Android

Inspired by the work of avant-garde artist Fritz Kahn, this puzzle game offers gamers an unimaginable journey inside the human body. It's built from a variety of moving action parts, like a retro factory from the 20s, and it's up to the players to manage it all so that the body can function normally, performing mundane daily tasks – blinking and listening to music, smelling and hungry.

Minesweeper Genius

Minesweeper Genius for iOS and Android

Here the inspiration was, as you can easily guess from the name, the classic computer game " Minesweeper". This logic puzzle game is ready to offer you a competition in ingenuity, in which the familiar gameplay is combined with new elements and tricks.

The Quest-Celtic Queen

The Quest-Celtic Queen for iOS and Android

The next expansion of the popular game The Quest - Celtic Queen - is a hand-drawn RPG world with old-school style gameplay, with turn-based movements and battles. The expansion deepens and enriches the main game, but it can be played by discovering a world full of adventure and medieval locations.

Rev Heads Rally

Rev Heads Rally for IOS

The next race, bright, with a ton of adrenaline and cool sports cars, are ready to captivate fans of speed. Collect cars, take part in cups and tournaments, compete on the most difficult tracks side-by-side with rivals, and let your luck go with you.

Volcano Tower

Volcano Tower for iOS and Android

Here is an endless platformer with quite complex levels, fast and exciting, made in the best traditions of the past. Players are waiting for a lot of obstacles, hidden treasures, challenges and battles with the forces of evil. And, of course, without erupting volcanoes here, too, can not do.

Zero/ Sum

Zero/ Sum for IOS

A mathematical puzzle combined with a murder investigation-it sounds strange, but it looks fascinating. You will not only solve the mystery of the murder of the famous professor, but also decipher her mathematical records, which contain the secret of a cure for cancer.


Diggerman for iOS and Android

The quiet life of digger, the hero of this game, was interrupted by the invasion of evil forces that kidnapped his beloved. And now he will have to go underground in search of her, in the process of which he is waiting for a lot of dangers-peaks and lava, bats and spiders, TNT and traps. The underworld holds many treasures, but the most important thing is, of course, the salvation of your love.

Weapon Battle

Weapon Battle for IOS

Battles in other dimensions, with weapons created by yourself – why not?! Especially if at hand – drawings for the development of any types of weapons. But to come to this, you need to go through a lot of quests, improve your abilities and learn how to create superweapons for your customers.