A few tips for a successful start in AG Drive

The futuristic racer AG Drive looks great and will be able to make a decent impression on both beginners and veterans of the genre. But the difficulty curve of this game may not seem too smooth to novice "racers".

Ee gameplay will require you to be very careful driving and the ability to plan your actions. Our tips are intended for those players who would like to make their start in AG Drive easy, and the ratings are high.

Practics and only practice

Gtracks in AG Drive resemble a roller coaster ride, so you will never know what exactly is waiting for you around the next turn. Very often, the road turns in a spiral, goes sharply up, down or to the side, which makes management more difficult. This requires the player to drive risky and leads to numerous collisions and speed losses.

After a few hits on the walls, you may be disappointed in the game and decide that you will never be able to predict how to properly drive your car on a difficult section of the track full of surprises. Do not rush to conclusions – in this game, everything is decided by practice and only practice, since the tracks inside the game stages do not change.

g You can gradually learn all the nuances of the track, remember the sharp turns and spirals, and, in the end, you will pass it much better. The experience of driving in this style is acquired over time, so do not rush – too fast start in this game will not work.

Hold on to the steering wheel

GT Since the movement in AG Drive is controlled by the gyroscope of your device, you have to tilt it left and right to turn. This scheme is not new and is familiar to many gamers, but it has its own features.

gVo First, you will need to take the most comfortable position, and secondly, try to hold your device in a certain way. Holding it as if you are holding the steering wheel of a car is much easier and more convenient than placing it too close to your face.

gTak you will be easier to fit into the turns and do not have to wave your elbows like wings.

Gapgradite correctly

You may immediately want to change the appearance of your car. Yes, in a bright orange color, it will look great, but in addition to aesthetic pleasure, this upgrade will not give you anything. Focus your efforts on real improvements – upgrade parts of your car, forgetting about its appearance for a while. This will help to increase its parameters and improve its handling. Getting faster is the real goal of any upgrade.

Do not forget about the abilities

In this game you will discover events in which you can participate to earn extra gold. We warn you right away: it will not be easy to do this. In these races, it is difficult to achieve victory and even in the case of very careful driving, you will find that your pockets are still empty. How do I squeeze out the missing few seconds in this case?

only improving your rider's driving ability. Initially, it is not too large, but this can be fixed by upgrading it in time. This is another reason not to do the repainting of your car – direct the funds to improve the abilities, and the result will not be long in coming.