A selection of the 10 best games dedicated to fans of extreme sports

Among extreme gamers, there are those who appreciate speed, but there are also real fans of adrenaline. Such gamers will undoubtedly appreciate our selection of games dedicated to the trial-overcoming obstacles on motorcycles, bicycles, cars, snowboards and even snowmobiles. We have gathered the best representatives of the genre, who will be able to give us a thrill and make us polish our reflexes.

Trial Xtreme 4

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gEta development does not lose its popularity. Its authors from the Deemedya studio have already released the fourth part of the famous series, which continues to give fans of mototrial tons of adrenaline and incomparable excitement. If you are not alien to the risk and the spirit of competition – this game is for you. It offers gamers about 70 levels with realistic physics and sensitive responsive controls.

Trials Frontier

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Gstudiya Ubisoft does not give up positions and always offers gamers high-quality competitive games (sometimes, unfortunately, too monetized). This time you will find one of the best mobile games in the genre of mototrial, in which you will find a lot of tracks, thoughtful physics of the movement of your bike, cool tricks and a bright, colorful game world full of crazy characters.

Bike Baron


gDannyy title from Mountain Sheep is considered one of the best in its genre. Its features are a huge number of tracks, challenges and competitions, a lot of tricks, elements of humor and, most importantly, a level editor. The gaming community has already created about 660,000 original tracks, and you can participate in their development by presenting the results of your creativity to other players.

Xtreme Wheels

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G In this game, much more attention is paid not to racing with obstacles, but to performing the most difficult tricks. Players will have to overcome the most incredible obstacles on their motorcycles – ramps, ladders, barrels and containers. To do this, they will need to skillfully keep their balance, driving their bike, calculate every movement, combining speed with accuracy. The game is developed by Bravo Game Studios and features sensitive controls, as well as realistic physics of the behavior of not only the bike, but also obstacles.

Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing

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Goth mototrial we go to velotrial, or more precisely mountain bike. This title will find something to please fans of extreme sports-in it you will find about a hundred tracks in various locations, several game modes, including time racing and freestyle, a huge range of equipment for your hero-cyclist and, of course, carefully designed physics of bicycle movement. The jumps will be dangerous, and the tracks will be incredibly difficult, but this is what makes the development from Best Free Games Inc. in a real hit.

Hill Climb Racing

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You can overcome obstacles in this game on a variety of vehicles – from a bicycle and a jeep, to a truck and even a tank. Thanks to such a variety and cute cartoon graphics, as well as wide opportunities for upgrades, this title from Fingersoft enjoys constant popularity and tops all sorts of top ratings. Accidents that regularly happen in Hill Climb Racing are depicted with a fair amount of humor, due to which it looks a little frivolous, but it is able to entertain and cheer up well.

Snowboard Party

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You can overcome obstacles not only by driving on the tracks, but also by snowboarding. Snowboard Party features realistic 3D graphics, customizable controls, and multiple game modes-from freestyle to halfpipe. In addition to a collection of various boards, you will find a variety of characters to choose from, whose appearance and clothing can be changed. You will have to learn about 50 dizzying tricks, take part in competitions with friends, upgrade your boards and complete 21 challenging tracks.

Crazy Snowboard

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Another trial game dedicated to snowboarding, which is worth paying attention to. It was created by the studio Ezone.com and it will undoubtedly surprise you with visual effects, the play of light and shadow, a large number of boards and racers, beautifully painted landscapes and a lot of tricks. You will encounter unexpected obstacles, complete 30 missions, and unlock a large amount of content.

Sled Mayhem

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Studio Best Free Games Inc. in addition to the bike trial, it presents gamers with another good development, but this time you are waiting for racing and overcoming obstacles on snowmobiles. It turns out that performing tricks on them is a very exciting activity, especially if it happens to the music full of drive. The most interesting part of the game is the level editor, where you can create your own mountains and obstacles.

Draw Rider +

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special for those who like hand-drawn stickmen, the developers from 17studio have created a visually simple game in black and white style, in which you are waiting for different types of trial. You will have to overcome the drawn obstacles on a bicycle, motorcycle and even ATV. You can customize the controls and create your own levels, customize your character and learn new tricks.