A selection of the 10 best turn-based strategies for iOS and Android

Turn-based strategies are a fairly serious genre that has migrated to mobile platforms from PC and consoles. These are games with thoughtful gameplay, where you are required to think strategically, plan your actions and the moves of the enemy.

Deaction in them does not develop too quickly, but this is what brings them closer to real life, where each of our decisions leads to different kinds of consequences.

If you prefer to think and calculate moves, build far-reaching plans and gradually move towards the goal, then our selection of the best turn-based strategies will definitely come in handy

Heroes of Might and Magic III HD

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Gnachnem we, of course, with the classics, known to everyone and incredibly popular at the time. Now this game is experiencing a rebirth on tablet devices, offering gamers HD graphics and exciting campaigns, which you will go through together with Queen Katrina Iron Fist. She wants to regain the throne and calls for the help of heroes, one of which will be you. You will explore new lands, collect artifacts and improve your skills, build cities and fight with other heroes.

Hitman Go

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Ms were all surprised when Square Enix decided to release the next game in the Hitman series in the form of a turn-based strategy game in which the characters will move like chess pieces. The experiment was surprisingly successful. Your hero, Agent 47, in this game carefully passes the missions, sneaking up on the guards, destroying them and reaching the set goal. Perhaps fans of the series will miss the dynamics, but you will definitely have time to think and plan.

Civilization Revolution

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This title is not intended for the impatient: it is quite possible to go along with your chosen civilization from the Stone Age to nuclear technology, but in step-by-step mode it is not fast. You will have to develop science, culture and high technology, but you should not forget about wars - everything is possible in Civilization, including battles. The game features detailed graphics and careful drawing of each character.


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gEta turn-based strategy game is inspired by the dungeon crawlers and has taken many elements from them. Your eight-bit hero will descend deeper into the hellish dungeons, fight with numerous opponents - and all this is framed in a strategic gameplay in which you have to navigate through the hexagonal cells of the playing field. Your character's task is to reach the end of the level by destroying all sorts of demons, and then go to the next level and continue fighting them.

Heroes: A Grail Quest

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Rthe storyline of this game leads gamers to a fantasy world populated by amazing creatures and full of magical artifacts. In it, you will have to save kingdoms and search for the same artifacts, explore new territories and learn magic, wander through dungeons and collect treasures - and all this in turn-based gameplay.

Great Big War Game

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Gmultyashnye battles can be incredibly exciting, and especially if they are fought on land, on water and in the air. This strategy offers you to guide your hero soldiers, led by the generalissimo, through 50 different missions, upgrade everything that can be upgraded, and use a huge number of combat units, gradually improving them. In addition to a well-thought-out, well-balanced gameplay, this game will delight you with a kind of humor and high-quality 3D graphics.

Rogue Planet


gEta classic turn-based strategy is good from all sides-and thanks to good management, and due to an interesting plot unfolding in the original locations. The gameplay of the game is not inferior to the quality of the graphics, and the artificial intelligence of the system is trained and improved together with you. In addition to the standard combat units, there are also unusual options-Kamikazes that undermine themselves and destroy everything around them.

Battle Nations

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GIN addition to the turn-based gameplay, resource management is provided here, and the game mechanics itself is based on the well-known principle of "rock-paper-scissors". The authors have depicted the combat units of the game in great detail, offering you to use them in battles. Despite the fact that the battles will be turn-based, they will not last long, but this will not prevent the game from being deeper than it seems at first glance.

Skulls of the Shogun

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Here you will find both fast-paced turn-based battles, and tactical elements, as well as well-drawn characters and worthy rivals represented by self-learning artificial intelligence. The passage of this game will not be easy, as the AI is implemented by the authors at a very high level.

Worms 2: Armageddon

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You can't ignore this classic turn-based strategy game that has entertained and continues to entertain gamers with fun shootouts of funny worms. For all their fun, they are skilled warriors and are able to show the enemy everything in their power. Humorous weapons and several exciting game modes, a wide range of content and dynamic multiplayer – all this is in Worms 2. As you can see, you will not get bored with worms…