A selection of the best erotic games for Android (Strictly 18+)

Porn games on mobile platforms can be liked or disliked by someone, but, nevertheless, they exist and have every right to do so. We can not say that this genre is very popular, and the official app stores do not welcome it. Basically, games of this type are placed on third-party sites and portals, as well as in alternative virtual stores. They have an age limit, and this will have to be taken into account. We present you a selection of the best porn games for Android.

We will not give links to all these sites for obvious reasons, who needs to Google the names presented in this material.App-eshop.xxx

App-eshop.xxx is a porn game distribution company. So far, they represent 10 titles - five paid DreamJob games and five free ones. In general, they will not offer you anything like this - most of them are devoted to photos, more and more naked and explicit as you move deeper into the game. Expect a special strawberry is not worth it, so before you buy paid games, first take a look at those that do not require payment. Perhaps you will realize that you will stop at them.

SVSComics games

SVSComics is a website with a whole list of porn games for Android devices, as well as PC and Mac platforms. The games on this list are pretty simple. Most of them will require gamers to simply tap or control gestures. We can not say that these titles are so impressive, their plus is in the variety. Basically, you will find anime and cartoons in them. All these games are not in Google Play, so you will have to download them from third-party sites, to begin with, understand the installation process. On the SVSComics website, games are divided into categories and filtered, which should be taken into account when searching.

The Lusty Lizard porn games

The Lusty Lizard offers several games with simple controls based on screen touches. Their characters will entertain and entertain you with different poses, depending on your choice. In general, all of them are quite similar, although quite interesting.


Getjar is a third-party app store, less conservative than Google Play. In it, you will find a whole list of games that match your heated imagination. Some of them will be pleased with the presence of a plot, while others will offer a wide range of naked bodies. For fans of the hentai genre, there are also suitable options here. And even fans of quests will find here text adventure games with an erotic bias.


PornoAPK offers access to a site that contains about 140 porn games for the Android platform. All of them are free and vary in plot and content. For example, iFuck is a puzzle game in which players are waiting for 14 levels, 29 images and 14 videos. As in Getjar, the hentai genre is widely represented here. Most of the games on this resource are characterized by simple controls based on screen touches, and entertaining gameplay.