A selection of the best games in the genre of metroidvania on iOS and Android

Many gamers like metroidvanii-games, the strange name of which comes from the two founders of the genre-Metroid and Castlevania. This subgenre of platformer offers players an extensive world with many locations to explore, as well as extensive opportunities for leveling up your character, gaining new skills, finding items and gadgets.

modern metroidvanias, although they rarely appear, still exist. These include, for example, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Guacamelee! and Darksiders. What is happening with the genre of metroidvaniya on mobile platforms – this is what we will try to find out now.


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gEta the development of The Touch Foo studio will please fans of The Legend of Zelda – it clearly resembles an unfading classic from Nintendo. Your hero here is a knight, whose task is traditional-to save the kingdom from the forces of evil. In this case, he will be helped by the spells that will have to be studied – after all, he, unfortunately, knows only a couple of spells. Each spell you learn opens up new paths and opportunities for your hero. As you can see, this is a classic example of the genre with all its standard features.

Goblin Sword

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The fans of the original Metroid and Castlevania should have already "played" this title to the holes – it can also be considered a classic of the genre. It offers about 64 levels plus an expansion, pixel-cute characters with a ton of weapons and equipment, a house to decorate, in a word, it's a metroidvania with an incredible amount of content.



RStudio Pixel has a name for a reason: in this title, pixel graphics are made in an even more old-school style than in the previous development. Despite the fact that KeroBlaster will remind you of the games of deep childhood, it will please you with convenient controls and balanced gameplay. Please note that the authors created the famous PC-metroidvaniya Cave Story, so they have no experience.

Traps n ' Gemstones

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GES If you are a fan of Indiana Jones and similar themes, then you will definitely like the development of Donut Games studio. In it, players will have to travel, the locations of which are opened gradually, as they gain new skills and find items and weapons.

Shantae: Risk's Revenge


WayForward Technologies offers us a mix of pixel graphics with Disney cartoons, a cute girl character with original abilities, as well as a variety of locations, from deserts to forests and mazes. All this is seasoned with a fair dose of humor and looks very good.


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Gerry Kavanagh designed VVVVV to take gamers back to the days when games were complex and super-complex, and Commodore 64 and chiptune music were considered something incredibly cool. Despite the fact that this game positions itself as a platformer, it has a lot of the genre of metroidvaniya, in the most classical sense of the word.

Robot Wants Kitty


Neschastny robot suffers from loneliness and is looking for a kitten – this is the plot of this game. As a result, you will have to jump from platform to platform, collecting kittens, improve your abilities and explore the game world, and all this – in locations in the style of League of Evil and Cartoon Network cartoons.

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons


R bEfore you – a retro platformer, reminiscent of monochrome games from the Game Boy console, the hero of which is Timmy-a treasure hunter. Traveling through the dungeons, he will unlock new abilities, gradually gaining access to unexplored territories

Waking Mars

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gEta development from the studio Tiger Style is the closest to the original Metroid game among all those that you can meet on iOS and Android. You will travel through the dungeons of Mars, explore various life forms and interact with them – the only way you can find a way to the surface.

Nubs ' Adventure

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G In this game, your character's house is destroyed, and he tries to rebuild it by traveling through locations and solving puzzles. In parallel, he will have no less interesting activities-searching for diamonds and fighting with enemies, as well as exploring new territories.

Rex Rocket: Mobile


Castle Pixel Studio could not help but make its game pixel-like. Plus, it comes with retro music in the style of chiptune and locations located inside the spaceship – what's not fun?! Fight the enemies that have invaded the ship and regain control – that's what the player's task is in this retro title.

Munch Time

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The main character here will be a cartoon chameleon in search of breakfast, traveling through locations with the help of his language. Landing on the flowers, the chameleon will have to change color, while simultaneously catching flies and solving puzzles. It sounds interesting, and it seems to be played, too.