A selection of the strangest iOS games in our opinion

The range of iOS games is quite wide, and among a huge number of them, you can select a separate category – those games that may seem unusual, bizarre, and sometimes funny or simply strange.

We offer you a selection of nine such games, the strangeness of which is not in doubt, just as their fascination.

Pizza Vs. Skeletons

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gEta game from Riverman Media is able to surprise with its name alone, and, indeed, pizza fighting against skeletons – what could be more strange?! Your task in this game will be to control a huge pizza rolling across the screen using the device's accelerometer. Pizza easily crushes all obstacles and destroys enemies-skeletons, and, given the harsh face drawn on it, it looks incredibly funny.

Bad Hotel

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Gzhanr tower defense is not famous for its uniqueness, but Bad Hotel from Lucky Frame studio became the game that broke the stereotypes of this genre. It looks unusual not only because of its visual style, which is very original in itself, but also due to the unique idea of the gameplay. The idea is to create music using any action you perform in the game – no matter how strange it sounds, it looks really cool.

Desert Golfing

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Grazrabotchiki Desert Golf, the guys from the studio Blinkbat Games may not have expected that their kind of game will become so popular. There are no goals other than getting the ball into the next hole, but the number of holes (about 10,000) and the complexity of the terrain make the gameplay incredibly exciting.


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It is difficult to call MTN a game in the full sense of the word, but, nevertheless, it is in the games section of the App Store and looks strange enough to get into our list. So, in front of you-a mountain floating in the air, for "life" which you are watching. The author of this development, David O'Reilly, clearly created his mountain simulator not for impatient action fans – meditative gameplay and lack of goals are more likely to interest fans of peace and comfort.


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Gunbrick is the name of a strange hero of the game, moving through its levels by rolling and jumping, shooting at opponents and avoiding their attacks. But, in addition to the action, you will find in this development of the Nitrome studio a fair share of puzzles, because overcoming obstacles and climbing on platforms will be very difficult tasks for your character. You will have to look for a way out, and using all the available ingenuity.


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You should only see what the gameplay of Wrassling looks like in action – and then you will understand the degree of its fascination, no matter how strange this game may look. In addition to the unusual control scheme, you will find here a physics engine, on which, in fact, all your actions will be based. We don't promise you anything serious, but it will be fun – that's for sure.

Backflip Madness

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G In this game, your character will practice backflips in a variety of locations, among incredible landscapes and obstacles. The trick will be difficult and often deadly, but it will demonstrate how well you can calculate the consequences of your hero's actions and take into account the laws of physics.

Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption

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Eta development from Vlambeer has long occupied a place in the list of the most popular games on the iOS platform. Its graphics have a unique style, and the gameplay is exciting and full of a kind of humor. All this together was highly appreciated not only by the players, but also by the critics – this is a rare case when everyone was unanimous - Ridiculous Fishing is definitely worth attention.