Adult games for Android: a selection of erotic games for your smartphone

You do not always want to land on the islands and survive, destroying rivals, fighting in arenas or crafting weapons. When the puzzles are fed up, then the banal clicker will not be able to entertain you any more. And then it's time to remember about the games of a completely different theme-erotic games for Android will help you relax and unwind. And, it is not so important whether you are alone or in a fun company – a good mood and spicy adventures are provided for you.

Office Lover dating games

Office Lover dating games on Android

Popular in Japan, the genre "otome" or dating simulator was also liked by Western gamers, more precisely, gamers, because this type of games is designed specifically for girls. A visual novel with beautiful, manga-style characters will be able to interest the fair sex. And no wonder: play the role of a cute and naive girl who got a job as a secretary in a company owned by a trio of insanely attractive bosses-handsome men and playboys – why not?! Which of them will pay attention to you? Who will have an affair with? Download it and find out.

Facets of Love

Facets of Love on Android

This erotic game is designed for both established couples and beginners in relationships. Roll the dice, complete tasks, and discover new facets of relationships, feelings, and, of course, each other. Be as frank as possible, fulfill your partner's wishes and realize your fantasies.

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded on Android

The original version of the famous erotic game about the adventures of 40-year-old virgin Larry Laffer has been revived on mobile platforms with new jokes from Al Lowe and Josh Mendel, updated graphics and a stylish soundtrack. The set includes a new girl, and Larry himself is still the same - he does not lose heart , stubbornly seeks his love, and finds a lot of incredibly funny adventures, gets into ridiculous stories and pleases gamers with greasy humor.

Is-it Love? Ryan: Choose your story – Otome Games

Is-it Love? Ryan: Choose your story-Otome Games for Android

To settle in New York, make friends and find a prestigious job is, of course, great, but for the soul of a cute girl-the heroine of this game lacks something else. Of course, romantic feelings. She is waiting for dating and dating, new relationships, easy flirting and true love. But the path to true feelings is not so simple – and here she will need your help.


Casanova-Casting on Android

Become a real Casanova, chat with girls to finally find among them the one who is the girl of your dreams. Cast them, interview them, have a photo shoot in story mode, or learn how to play guitar in arcade mode. In any case, the main question of this game is-can you become a true conqueror of women's hearts?

Endless Summer

Endless Summer on Android

The romance of the summer camp, in which the main character of the game suddenly finds himself, is fascinating and addictive. New acquaintances, frank communication, the search for love and the labyrinths of relationships-all this, plus secrets and riddles, awaits gamers in the Russian-language version of the famous Everlasting Summer. A ton of adventures, unexpected events, flirting and intimate conversations – what this project has managed to attract a lot of fans around the world.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare on Android

Want to spend an unforgettable evening in the company – this game will easily make it so. Spin the bottle and complete tasks with subtext, answer questions, sometimes very frank, be bolder – and then pleasant memories of this evening are provided for you. Choose tasks that are already provided in the game or create your own, even more original, put your friends in a delicate situation or get into it yourself – in any case, it will not be boring.

Kitty Kitty: Bottle Game

Kitty Kitty: Bottle game on Android

The well-known bottle game gathers players from all over the world. Here you can chat and meet, participate in contests and flirt, complete tasks and collect kisses. And all this-with real people who have registered here through social networks. You are waiting for frank communication in chats, exchange of compliments and romantic adventures.

Vulgarity Test 2

Vulgarity Test 2 on Android

Take the vulgarity test? Why not? Moreover, here you can determine not only the level of your own promiscuity, but also find out your sex IQ, as well as pass several other equally fascinating and spicy tests. Be prepared for frank questions, sensitive topics, and try to give only honest answers.

High School Romance

High School Romance on Android

High school is not only about studying, but also about romantic dating. 21 love stories are ready to unfold in front of you in this dating simulator game. The most attractive guys and girls of the school are waiting for a chance to meet you. Communicate, get to know each other better, go to parties, explore the subtleties of relationships and look for your love