Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs - tips for beginners

It's hard to believe that the Angry Birds franchise has finally reached the augmented reality. Angry, but cheerful birds, firing at the buildings and shelters of treacherous pigs, asked for AR-the mechanics of this game are ideal for use in augmented reality. Belatedly, the developers from Rovio realized this and released Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs, and now you can shoot your feathered friends anywhere, wherever you are.

This game takes gamers back to the heyday of the franchise, when it did not have a lot of additional tricks and features - just you, the birds and the slingshot, plus the need to think about how to cope with the enemy's buildings in just a few moves.

What does this AR game look like and what are its features that need to be taken into account to develop a strategy - this is what our short guide will tell you about.

At the start, it's unlikely that this is the first time you've heard of the Angry Birds franchise and you need a detailed explanation of what the series is all about. The new game in the series-Isle of Pigs-sets gamers the same, well-known goals - to destroy all the fortifications built by pigs, located on the level, with just three birds.

First, you need to find any flat surface on which the game will build a level. The Red indicator will help you with this - it will measure the surface visible through the camera of your device and tell you how suitable it is.

Once a suitable surface is found, tap on it to create a level.

Bonus Tip: If you don't like the place where the game built the level too much, you can reset it by clicking on the icon with a small 3D cube in the upper right corner. This will allow you to place the level anywhere else.

By itself, shooting here looks exactly the same as in the entire series - tap on the screen, pull the slingshot with your finger, aim with the help of the line that appears, release the slingshot. The harder you manage to pull the slingshot, the faster your feathered projectile will fly.

But this nuance is quite important - you can go around each level in a circle to determine from which place and at what angle to shoot. This opportunity is great, and it only appeared now-without augmented reality in ordinary Angry Birds games, this was impossible. As an old habit, you can start attacking enemy buildings only from the front, but it is better not to rush with this and explore the level from all sides. Some angles will allow you to destroy buildings much faster, for example, with the help of TNT hidden inside the building.

Tip-bonus: Even if the game tells you that there is enough space to place the level, pay attention to whether you have a 360-degree view – the presence of a wall or other obstacle will significantly complicate the passage of the level.

How to earn more points Your score on each level depends on several things. You will earn more points for the maximum amount of destruction, so even if you masterfully destroy the only pig on the level with one shot, the destruction will be small, which means that you will not get a large number of points.

In addition, you get 10,000 points for each unused bird on the level – a maximum of 20,000. Please note that the number of stars per level depends on the number of points earned, and therefore the number of coins (you will be given one for each star). These coins will be needed to unlock further territories.

Bonus Tip: If you want to complete a level, will another bird help you? Most likely, yes. To get it, you will have to look at the ad. Use this advice, but keep in mind that if one extra bird is not enough, the level is worth replaying.

How to earn coins

We have already mentioned that you can get three coins per level-according to the possible number of stars. Any level can be replayed to bring this number to three. It is not so difficult to earn an additional coin – you just need to watch the ad, once during the level, by tapping on the special icon on the right. In total, the maximum number of coins per level is four.

You will spend the accumulated coins on opening new territories, and their number will be reset to zero. If you need 12 coins to unlock the second region, then for the third, for example, you will need to collect as many as 20.

Are there any other birds in the game?

In this game, in addition to Red, Chuck is provided, a yellow bird that can accelerate in flight. Tap on the screen when it flies to the target to give it speed - so the destruction from it will become more significant.

The lack of other birds is due to the complexity of the level design in 3D. The developers from Rovio promise gamers a lot of updates, after which, we hope, we will see other feathered heroes.

Can I remove ads?Apparently not. Even if you don't watch the ads for extra birds, they will still appear at the beginning of the level. This is the price for the fact that the game is free and does not contain in-game purchases (at least at the time of release).