Angry Birds Epic: a guide to the types of pig opponents

One of the basic rules of fighting: if you do not want the battle to drag on, try to get to know the enemy better. That is why we offer you a quick guide to the main types of enemies that exist in Angry Birds Epic. All of them have their own strengths and weaknesses, which you would do well to know in order to go to victory without hesitation. You will be able to find out the health level, abilities, attack power and damage of a particular pig, and this will help you choose the right strategy and tactics to fight it.

Stick Pig

strategy: This is a fairly common and standard opponent with a minimum level of HP. You can consider him a real weakling, who deals only 12 points of damage. This pig can be defeated by any bird you choose – there is clearly nothing to worry about here.

Bird Catcher Pig

strategy: This pig is slightly more dangerous than the previous one, it deals 13 points of damage to your character – not much more than the first one, but there is a five percent chance that in addition to damage, you will lose the ability to move during one turn. However, any of your birds will easily defeat this pig.

Rogue Pig

GSTRATEGY: This variant is stronger than normal pigs, it has 143 health points and is able to deal double damage ( 2 to 10). So add him to the list of good opponents and go ahead - to victory!

Rogue Leader Pig

strategy: This pig, as a real leader, causes good damage – 2 for 28 units. Try to neutralize it before it can attack you. Its distinctive feature is the slow preparation for the attack, which, just, will help you to attack it first.

Matey Pig

GSTRATEGY: Here is the simplest of the pirate pigs, but do not underestimate it. Her attack will take you eight health points plus 23 damage points, extending over the next two steps. Pirate opponents are not afraid of various harmful effects, so do not use them, but rather leave them for the next time.

Pirate Pig

Gstrategy: The Pirate Lieutenant should not be underestimated, He is able to inflict 19 units of damage for two moves forward, and various types of effects do not affect him in any way, so do not even try to use them.

Pirate Veteran Pig

GSTRATEGY: The Pirate Commander is exactly the pig that you should pay special attention to. His attack is 3 for 19 points of damage, which is quite a lot. In certain cases, the damage can reach 200 percent, so be vigilant.

Big Pirate Pig

Gstrategy: This pig can be considered a pirate admiral. She is able to deliver a devastating blow with 78 percent damage, the effect of which will last for three turns. This enemy should be neutralized in advance so that he does not have time to attack, otherwise you will have a hard time.

gItak, this is the end of our short guide, it remains to wish you successful battles.