Best card games of 2018 on iOS and Android: not Hearthstone!

We made a responsible decision to consider card games not only clones of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and Clash Royale (although it is also far from being exclusively card-based), accepted the mix of genres and were inspired by the number of projects, who are not afraid to combine limited card mechanics and classic strategy, adventure and board games. We present you the best of them.

MARVEL Battle Lines

The latest game in the Marvel universe from Nexon. The last name should probably tell you something.

The developers have prepared more than 100 cards with heroes and villains of comics, which can be combined into one squad. This one possibility is sure to make the fans at least pay attention. And more than that, unfortunately, she has nothing to boast about.

Horus Heresy: Legions

This year, more than ever (don't we say that every year), there were a lot of games on the Warhammer universe. The Horus Heresy: Legions card game takes place during the galactic civil War of the 31st millennium.

You will find characters from a familiar universe, ranking matches and arena matches, heroic events and friendly duels. Of course, the game is free and includes in-game purchases.

Reigns: Game of Thrones

This game looks interesting in the category, because if you had to swipe not the cards with the characters, but the characters themselves, or, for example, turn the pages of a book,then it would not be here. But the authors chose this format, and the Reigns series has firmly established the status of a card game.

Game of Thrones once again not just changed the setting, but introduced interesting innovations. Now you will make decisions on behalf of familiar characters, and every second move should be a desire to do something different from what the hero would do. But do not forget that the fate of the Seven Kingdoms depends on you.


First of all, the game attracts with its visual style and humor.

The gameplay here is not just a set of duels using cards. You will find a full-fledged adventure with elements of a bagel, where you will explore different locations, fight and search for new cards for your deck.

Notable people:Armello-a fabulous board game with elements of KKI, ported from the PCLook, Your Loot! - cute dungeon crawler with elements of a card game and a bagellapse 2: Before Zero-the sequel to the free analogue of Reigns, released in beta test mode at the end of the yearLightseekers

Oddly enough, this game is most reminiscent of Hearthstone, but it does not harm it. Developers with the help of Kickstarter were able to raise more than $200 thousand for its creation.

The main difference is that each card is not a creature or a spell, but an action available to the main character, who will fight alone against the enemy.