Best co — op games for iOS and Android: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Death Squared and others

If you are already tired of endless matches in PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty: Mobile, quests in your favorite MMORPG MMORPGs seem monotonous, and single-player story adventures do not drag on for a long time, so there is another way to have fun without letting go of your smartphone-cooperative games. Previously, they were an integral part of the industry, but with the ubiquity and increase in Internet speed, such projects began to be abandoned in favor of purely multiplayer entertainment, but this does not mean that the cooperative has disappeared without a trace. Here's what you can play on mobile, interacting with other players on one or more smartphones.

Keep Talking and Nobody ExplodesKeep Talking and Nobody Explodes is called almost the best game to play in the company in recent times. Interestingly, it appeared as an attempt by developers to create a project for virtual reality, which would be played not only by the one who is wearing a helmet, but also by the audience. But it turned out that the idea worked perfectly without VR, and since then the game has been released on all possible platforms.

The idea is simple to the point of ugliness. One player becomes a bomb disposal specialist and must complete the task in the allotted time period. The only problem is that he does not know how to do it correctly, so as not to lead to a premature detonation.

On the other hand, there are one or more bomb experts who, with the help of the manual, should guide the player's actions, asking him about certain details, and give appropriate instructions. Even in the most relaxed company, the game turns into a farce, and the pleasure is not the victory, but the process itself.

Death SquaredDeath Squared is a conceptually simple, but fun and mind-bending puzzle game that can be played together.

Both players control robots, and the success of the passage depends on the interaction. It does not matter who put the most effort to succeed, because all 80 levels are designed so that both will think and act equally.

There is no plot, simple graphics, but extremely inventive puzzles, and the process of passing can be compared to the great Portal: everything is so verified here. At the same time, the puzzles are not so difficult to annoy, and even a person who does not play games can deal with the mechanics.

Dual!The most simple game, which at the first acquaintance surprises even experienced players. The only thing is that it requires two smartphones at once, but it is unlikely that this will be a problem today, especially since the project is not at all demanding.

Dual! — this is a simple shooter game in which you have to destroy the enemy's spaceship. To do this, you can shoot single charges or accumulate and release more powerful ones.

The trick is that on your device you only see your part of the field and your ship. However, the shots fly towards the opponent and appear on his smartphone and his half of the field. It's as simple as it is fun and crazy at the same time.XenoShyft Digital versions of board games are a real godsend for those who are forced to stay at home and entertain not only themselves, but also their family. They are sometimes several times cheaper than the usual versions, but they require only one device.

Both platforms are full of high-quality ports of the best board games from the well-known Asmodee Digital and other developers. The trick of XenoShyft is that it is a cooperative game with elements of building a deck.

You must cooperate with your comrades and repel the attacks of alien enemies. To do this, you need to plan your actions. If you compare it with ordinary computer games, then the association with tower defense comes to mind, but due to the use of maps and the need to cooperate, it is perceived quite fresh.

Bloons TD 6Bloons — one of the many series of games in the genre of tower defense on mobile, but for some reason it is particularly popular. Last year, there was even information that it was the only one, with the exception of Minecraft, of course, a paid game in the list of the 50 highest-grossing games.

Also last year, an update was released for Bloons TD 6, which added a full-fledged cooperative mode. It can be played by up to 4 players at the same time.

In this mode, the screen is simply divided into a certain number of areas, and each player can only build towers on their own half. Thus, the success of passing the level depends solely on cooperation. The main thing here is not to quarrel, taking an inexperienced partner in the game.

SpaceteamSpaceteam is another co-op game that can make you and your friends very angry.

In this funny spaceship simulator, you need to survive as long as possible by completing various tasks. The difficulty is that the tasks are shown to one player, and the tools for completing them are shown to the second player. And quite often it happens at the same time.

Your task is not only to click on the necessary buttons, but also to determine the sequence of actions. Sometimes you need to use several switches, sometimes you need to turn the control to a certain value, and sometimes you need to start frantically running your device together. A special difficulty is created by the fact that as the ship develops, it is destroyed and the controls literally disintegrate before our eyes. And the names for them, the developers chose not realistic, but those that are really difficult to pronounce.

BadlandBadland is a legendary game from Frogmind studio. Unfortunately, after its success, the company went down the wrong path, and ruined both the franchise and its potential future, but the original Baadland still lives in the hearts of fans.

< p>Badland is a very stylish adventure with silhouette graphics, in which you control a flying furry creature that tries to survive in a dangerous and very unusual world.

< /p>Badland is perfectly played alone, but there is also a full-fledged cooperative mode, in which up to 4 people can participate. The action takes place on a single map, and each player controls his own creature. The first levels are quite easy to pass, but over time, both the challenge and the dynamics appear.

Double Dragon TrilogyDouble Dragon is also a classic, but not from mobile, but from arcade machines. The first part of the trilogy was released back in 1987, and the publisher Dotemu released three parts in one application, including on mobile.

Double Dragon is a purebred beat ' em up with pixel art and a side view. The plot, characters, setting, and so on don't really matter here. The important thing is that you control heroes who possess martial arts skills, who are sent to kick the asses of everyone they meet along the way.

To play together, the app must be installed on two devices, and the connection is made via Bluetooth. Gamepads are also supported. A great opportunity to learn what was played more than 30 years ago.

Taggagiare unlikely that there are gamers who are not familiar with Terraria. One of the best sandboxes in the history of the genre offers a lot of content that will last for dozens, or even hundreds of hours of passage. However, not everyone knows that last year it was updated to 1.3, which added a full-fledged multiplayer.

It does not work in the usual way, but once you understand it, you will be able to play without problems in the future. The fact is that to play with friends, one of the users must act as a host. For the same purposes, you can use the Terraria mobile server on a PC, which is available for free on the official website of the project.

After that, everyone else will connect to the server and start their adventure. Cooperative gameplay is no different from single-player gameplay, but it gives you many times more emotions.

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two Such games as Tick Tock: A Tale for Two come out very rarely, so they deserve the attention of absolutely all fans of the genre.

This adventure with puzzle elements is designed so that it is impossible to pass it alone. Even the name of the project hints at the fact that this is a story for two. But it supports cross-platform multiplayer, so you can play both on mobile and on other platforms: PC or Nintendo Switch.

The story of Tick Tock is inspired by Scandinavian fairy tales, and you and your partner find themselves locked in this world filled with riddles. In order to get out of it, you need to solve puzzles by constantly communicating with each other.

Unfortunately, unlike Keep Talking, this game is story-driven and offers a single set of puzzles, so it will not be as interesting when repeated, but for the first time it gives unique emotions.

Today, everyone is talking massively about the need for communication. But this does not mean that you need to put all your hobbies aside and just talk. Fortunately, modern entertainment allows you to continue to communicate in the virtual world, experiencing those emotions that are often impossible in the real world. Enjoy them and stay at home!