Best mobile games of April 2021: Company of Heroes, Cyberika, Warhammer 40,000

Another month is coming to an end. It turned out to be rich for major mobile releases and ports. For the most part, these are strategies, only with different settings and the level of in-game purchases. The festival was visited by famous franchises (The Walking Dead, Warhammer 40,000 and Company of Heroes), plus one Russian studio. Leave your top mobile projects for April in the comments, and we're off.

The Walking Dead: Survivors

Galaxy Play studio has adjusted the strategy for the "Walking Dead". If Telltale Games introduced the game industry to this franchise, then Survivors leaves only a gray residue. Here we develop a base to fight off the zombies. They make constant raids. In addition to them, local leaders and real players are dangerous. You can make alliances with the latter. To get materials, you need to send expeditions. Cool (rare) heroes have special skills to destroy the crowds of the dead.

At the very beginning, we are given a lot of supplies for any sneeze. Not without the characters-models, which all suggest. The construction of buildings, the restoration of gates, and so on require resources. We recruit new heroes; they can give us convenient buffs.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

Tech-priests are so cool that if you pump them up, they become like Doctor Octopus from Marvel. Mechanicus is an XCOM-type strategy. That is, we place the fighters in a small arena, and then fight with the enemy. In battle, knowledge points (OP) are spent on actions; they are distributed to the entire squad, so you need to think through the steps. We are leading an expedition to the open planet of Silva Tenebris. You can feel the atmosphere of Warhammer 40,000, the music is also on the level. Unlockable weapons are available for all units, they are diverse in both mechanics and costs. Pumping is intuitive and simple: you do not have to break your head, as in classic RPGs. The difficulty is a little incomprehensible: at first you feel the tension in the battles, and then any priest can take care of himself. There is a replay value: not everything opens in one pass.

Infinite Lagrange

First, NetEase Games made EVE Echoes, now it has given players another space strategy. The beginning is interesting: there are cut scenes, then voice acting (although English) and flying ships through the asteroid belt. Everything is done with a serious face: we make a hyper-jump to the headquarters and just a huge space station. There we sign a pact, take our personal property (ships) and go to all four sides. Then we build our base in one of the selected regions. After that, the typical everyday life of a mobile gamer begins: the construction of buildings, the production of ships, the creation of a fleet, the extraction of resources, and so on. It all takes time. Conclusion: it is better to download EVE Echoes, although it may be difficult.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Dedicated to fans of combat passes and cheaters. Suspects: Mystery Mansion is a cartoon clone of Among Us. The rules are the same: someone is a traitor, and someone is a victim. All appear in the same room and rush to complete tasks. There are fewer of them than in Among Us. Methods of murder are diverse, for example, we can be poisoned with a cocktail. For a victory, IQ points are awarded, for a defeat, they are removed. You can choose in advance what language you want to chat in the voice chat. There are several game modes, as well as special events. That is, at first we are on a small map, there are five victims and one killer. In a more complex mode, there are already seven victims, two murderers and one detective. The game is worth checking out if you are tired of Among Us.


If Cyberpunk 2077 does not go to mobile phones, then the domestic studio Kefir will solve this issue itself. These guys are known for a project like Frostborn. Here Cyberika is somewhat similar to it: isometric gameplay, small locations and graphics at a relative level. The combat system is flat, as are the sounds of the blows. Over time, our character gets used to different materials, Thai food, strange pills, and so on. We will deal with hypocritical businessmen, bandits with Mohawks and computers. Sometimes you will have to decipher hieroglyphs (hacking). There are a lot of dialogues, they are not voiced. It will go for those who do not pull Cyberpunk from CD Projekt RED.

Smash Legends

Ubisoft released the Brawlhalla browser not so long ago. Now another one has rolled up on smartphones. The basic rules are the same as in Super Smash Bros. — we beat the enemies, and over time they fly further away from the edges of the arena. The main mode: fights in the "3 on 3" format. In the arena, someone always hits someone, someone flies away. That is, if you need dynamic battles, then the ticket is booked. At the end of the match, the best player (MPV) is shown. The arenas are different, where you can jump on special platforms, which adds tactics. The interface and graphics are pleasant to the eye, the characters are diverse and with their own skills. Cool game, you can try it in the evening.


The long-awaited Northgard strategy has been ported to smartphones. Here, Viking clans fight each other for resources and territories. There are several clans to choose from; they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some trade better, while others sacrifice to the gods. This is essentially a real-time strategy game (RTS). We are building a town hall, as well as houses and barracks. You need to manage resources, and then deal with the local weather. Ruins are scattered around the map, where treasures are hidden. The settlement can be attacked by wolves and other enemies. The graphics are nice, similar to the Civilization series.

Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts

Feral Interactive was pleasantly surprised: we were given an early key to review Opposing Fronts. The game is wonderful, though challenging. This is also a real-time strategy game (RTS). The action takes place during the Second World War, on the Western Front. In Opposing Fronts, the developers have added two story campaigns: for the British and the Germans. Players can control tanks, set mines, and fire artillery. The graphics are a bit old, but there are cut scenes with Russian subtitles. You have to get used to the control: it is inconvenient on smartphones with a small diagonal. If you are used to strategies where developers lead by the handle and underestimate the complexity, then it is better not to meddle — already at the second level, the game tests your skills as a strategist.

Gate of Mobius

This project is reminiscent of Honkai Impact 3rd: corridor locations, third-person action and anime characters. The graphics are nice, the interface is not overloaded. We are fighting different fantasy creatures. The attacks are self-guided, which makes the gameplay a little easier. There may be chests at the end of the levels. After passing, we are shown the time spent, the number of revivals and crystals (maximum three). The latter are special conditions: defeat all, do not die, complete in three minutes, and so on. Characters need to be pumped, equipment of different rarity (gacha).


If the creator of the legendary Final Fantasy series makes an exclusive game for Apple Arcade, then it must be special. And it really is: we get an interesting jRPG with a "live" environment and virtual characters. The game is reminiscent of the old era of role-playing games, the times of the PlayStation 2. Over time, we pump the hero and his skills. There are small inserts on the game engine, the battle begins and ends almost immediately. The plot is revealed from the dialogues, but they are not voiced. Get ready to fight with mechs, cyborgs and other pieces of iron. Connoisseurs of the genre will check it out, if you are not a fan of Final Fantasy, then it is unlikely that the game will surprise you.