Best mobile games of March 2021: Blade Soul, Mini DayZ 2, Crash Bandicoot

At the end of March, we can say one thing: it was a great success. For a few weeks, the game industry was stormy, but at the end of the day, we received good projects, many of which are shareware. Among them there are MMORPGs of a new sample, fun simulators, tense bagels, survival games among pixel zombies and belated, but not forgotten KKI. For a selection from last month, see here. We send our suggestions in the comments.

Blade & Soul Revolution

Netmarble did not let us down when she told us in an interview that the game would be innovative. Yes, it seems to be a mobile MMORPG, so there is a pumping of equipment, and auto-farm, but somehow it is done with the soul and at a new level. Although I'm not a fan of Asian MMO, but I played this one for a week and even managed to roll out guides; by the way, you can find them here. First, there is a plot in Revolution. It's not for show: well-staged cut scenes, voice acting and Russian subtitles. At some point, you even worry about the characters you met 10-15 minutes ago.

Pumping is fast, there is something to do: global PvP battles, world bosses, dungeons and raids. Pumping the character and items is clear: we give the blacksmith the drawings of cool armor, farm the chests from the bosses, and try to sharpen the new equipment to a high level. In general, among all the new MMO, I recommend to stop at this one if you are tired of faceless grindilki. Again, I don't know anything about the Blade & Soul universe, and I even despised Asian MMORPGs before the release of Revolution, so my opinion is not "fanboyish".

Ninja Arashi 2

If you like to play as a secretive ninja who must take revenge on someone, then this game is for you. This is the second part, so you should expect an increase in the bar compared to the first Ninja Arashi. We are offered 60 levels, which have become a little easier to pass. There are three bosses, they increase in difficulty. Many unique enemies, although in the beginning it's just samurai who will kill our ninja with a single glance. Then there are guys with explosives (remember Serious Sam). Then there are the giants, the guys with the double sword, the crossbowmen, and so on. Also in the second part there are artifacts; they give Arashi special skills. For some reason, only in Ninja Arashi 2, the developers guessed to add a melee weapon that easily eliminates opponents. The camera constantly follows Arashi; this is about jumping and falling. In general, the game is free, everyone can download it.

Kill It With Fire

tinyBuild studio has a special place in the heart thanks to the Hello Neighbor series. Now these guys have moved Kill It With Fire to mobile phones. What should we do? Chase small spiders that are stuck all over the house. You can deal with them in any way: from improvised items to a revolver, a flamethrower and dynamite. The burning house theme is so well covered here that the developers mention "realistic fire simulation" in the description. But before you get rid of the little arachnids, you need to find them. They hide behind pillows, books, shelves, and behind closed closet doors. Items break down pliably, which helps to let off steam after a hard day. The game is not long, but it will have time to bring positive emotions. The project benefits from only one opportunity to cover the toilet with dynamite and blow it up with a spider.

Gate of Mobius

If miHoYo had thought of adding pistols to Genshin Impact, it would have turned out to be Gate of Mobius. This is a third-person game about adventures, passing levels on time and getting currency for it. The plot is divided into chapters, those - on the mission. They can be played both in co-op and solo. Chests are scattered on the locations. Touch control, the project mentioned above will help in understanding. Heroes are pumped, they have HP and MP, as well as special skills. The soundtrack was not delivered, so we enjoy the exclamations of our hero and the sound of enemy spheres. For more fun, you can go to the clan. There are five specializations to choose from: Hunter, Knight, Mage, Archer, and Alchemist. After completing the mission, there is a chance to get cool equipment.

Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee

If bagels are cool and unusual, then Dungeon of the Endless is a direct confirmation of this. Imagine being transported in a spaceship as a criminal. As a result, the ship crashes on a planet where an ancient and advanced civilization used to flourish. Several other lawbreakers survived with you. You will have to gather in a group and look for a way out, as well as answers to your questions.

What about the gameplay? The main task is to bring the crystal to the exit. But before that, we need to find this way out. The characters are controlled separately by tapping on the desired one. In uncharted rooms, we do not see enemies in advance, and the lighting is only in those where there is electricity. Draw conclusions. Gradually, we collect resources and items. The enemies are sometimes not difficult, but their main disadvantage for us is that they run to the crystal and try to destroy it. In general, there are a lot of tactics, thoughts and random events. Required to purchase, if you have not played before.

Unruly Heroes

Unruly Heroes is another platformer in our collection. Now we run in a colorful fantasy world that resembles the style of Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Players will collect coins, solve puzzles, die, and switch between heroes. They are represented here by anthropomorphic creatures (monkey, piggy, and so on). If you perform combo attacks, you quickly gain energy for the local ulta. Sometimes there are traps, like in Limbo. The game needs to be bought because of the graphics alone, especially if you have an AMOLED display.

Mini DayZ 2

Have you played DayZ? Then listen: this is a pixel survival game with an isometric view. If you like faded locations, abandoned cars and campfire gatherings, then welcome to the perfect haven. You can change the characters in the camp, as well as equip it. Along the way, we find various materials, ammunition, weapons, and so on. The character may get hungry or thirsty. The shooting is interesting: when shooting and running, there is a strong spread, although standing does not always have a chance to hit the walking dead. There is a field of view and the fog of war; the last moment is cool: a zombie can run around the corner and you immediately stop seeing it. For the fans.

Magic: The Gathering Arena

So, Magic: The Gathering Arena has been released on smartphones. It is unlikely that this will surprise anyone in 2021, but Wizards of the Coast at least tried. In general, they tried and got something like The Elder Scrolls: Legends. The interface is clearly not for mobile phones, the table and the cards themselves look nondescript. There are few "cool" events on the field: the cards just hit each other, sometimes the spell crashes. We've already seen this in Hearthstone. But if you are a fan of Dungeon & Dragons, and also play The Gathering Arena on PC, then I strongly recommend it: better late than never.

Project CARS GO

Welcome to the world of mobile racing: it's a real arcade game, because you only need one finger to win the races. All you need to know: the car accelerates, brakes, and changes gears. If you find the right moment for these actions, then victory is in your pocket. Gradually, we pump cars, buy new ones. They differ in shooting ranges, so you can not count on the highest ones without an infusion of blood.

The graphics look juicy, especially it can be said about sports cars. The environment is slightly let down, but if the previous moments do not repel you, then this one should not. For missions, they give out a reward, you need to perfectly pass the track for the maximum prize.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run

Crash Bandicoot broke into smartphones in the form of a runner. Everything is done wisely, although you will not find anything new: Crash runs at one speed, collects fruits, masks, and fights bosses at the end. The main thing is to tap at the right time to get more materials for the construction of the base. The creation of items takes time, it can be accelerated for a premium currency. Most of the materials are collected from the infinite wound. This moment looks cool: we run some distance and the game gives us two ways — "home" or continue. If you die before the time, then you need to watch the ads, otherwise the progress is lost. My advice: don't expect Crash or Coco to break the crates with their bodies. Yes, they will break, but it counts as damage.