Best multiplayer of 2019: Second Galaxy, Sky: Children of the Light, and others

If the game does not have a clear storyline, and the ability to play without the Internet is not presented as an important feature, then with a high degree of probability it will have certain multiplayer features — this is a trend that can not be avoided. But we chose those projects where interaction with other players is a key element of the gameplay.

Call of Duty: Mobile

This year's leader is pretty obvious. Tens of millions of people play Call of Duty with other users, and if you don't count other mobile battle royales, then this is probably one of the most popular entertainment in the history of games. Such indicators of computer and console projects did not even dream of.

Users still complain that both regular matches and battle royale are full of bots, and you can't refuse them, but this is also a convention of mobile gaming. Thus, the developers provide a smooth immersion and confidence that even novice players will not leave after the first matches.

Sky: Children of the Light

First of all, you need to know about Sky that this is a game by the authors of the legendary Journey. It was waiting for several years, and the release showed that even free-to-play can not overshadow a good game.

The main idea of Sky was to expand what Journey offered by being able to consciously interact with other players. There is no plot here — you create the story for yourself. However, the core has not changed — it is still an abstract and very beautiful journey, in which it will be extremely difficult without other players.

Not everyone will like this adventure, but everyone should definitely try it.

Second Galaxy

For the first time, a kind of mobile "EVE Online" became known back in 2016, but the developers began to show activity only in the summer of this, immediately starting with a closed beta test. In September, the global release took place, and in October, Russian was added to it.

Second Galaxy — this is the same EVE in miniature, but sometimes with a brute force of this mini. Up to the point that there is a feature characteristic of mobile MMO automatic execution of everything. There are a variety of PvP and PvE events available, but there are also some intrusive in-game purchases.

P.S. Yes, technically you can already play EVE Echoes, but this is still only a test, so Second Galaxy is in its place legally.

Craft Legend

IGG studio is famous for its monotonous "strategies", but this year for some reason decided to release an action-platformer in the style of Terraria. Its main feature is more beautiful 2.5 D graphics, as well as multiplayer elements.

There are a variety of biomes, construction and crafting functions, PvP events, and much more, but it is important to understand that Craft Legend is primarily aimed at using in-game purchases, so without them, you will not be able to have fun for hours on end.

P.S. In the same year, update 1.3 was released for Terraria with a lot of innovations and the long-awaited online multiplayer.


is another long-term construction that has been in development since 2016. Armajet is a multiplayer platformer shooter with a nice picture, cool special effects and an emphasis on the physical system.

There are several modes and a huge arsenal of weapons. The main problem is the peculiarities of the servers and the small number of players online, but the developers regularly release updates, and this in turn should attract new users.

Worthy of mention:Stick Fight: The Game Mobile-a visually simple, but very dynamic fighting game about the battles of hand-drawn Mengladiabots-an upcoming strategy game where players must configure the artificial intelligence of robots so that they fight with opponents Gwent-a contender for the title of Hearthstone's main competitor in the genre of card games-Talking and Nobody Explodes — multiplayer doesn't have to be online. Keed Talking is one of the best co-op adventures in history, which should not be missed in any case