Best Strategy Games 2020 for iOS and Android: Company of Heroes, Teamfight Tactics, Elite Squad

AppTime offers its readers a look at another selection of the top mobile games for 2020, this time in the category of "best strategies". This time, the nominees are quite balanced and it will be difficult to decide which of them is the best. You can help us with this on the special AppTime Awards 2020 page. As always, you can leave your personal top strategies on smartphones in the comments if you do not agree with this list. The previous selection can be found here.

Company of Heroes

Feral Interactive has pleased gamers with two ports: this and XCOM 2 Collection. In Company of Heroes, we take on one of the sides of the Second World War: Germany or the Western Front. Each side has its own unique units and abilities. The developers have optimized the interface for touch screens. Also next year, we will see the addition of Opposing Fronts, because the mobile community received the original version quite warmly.

Teamfight Tactics

Riot Games is now quite tightly entering new genres with the League of Legends universe. For example, in early December, the OBT League of Legends: Wild Rift began. In addition, this year we saw Teamfight Tactics, which combines a card game, strategy and auto chess. At the beginning of each round, we put the Champions on a small field and watch how they solve the relationship with the enemy team.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

This is a turn-based strategy game where heroes from all over the world of Warhammer gather in groups to pass the Summoner's trials in the Silver Tower. The winners will be able to hope for a return to a quiet life. Players can expect more than 200 battles in 25 unique locations. Every day, tasks are given out, for the completion of which there is a valuable reward. Heroes can be upgraded and equipped at their own discretion, so that the squad matches your style of play.

The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores

This is a sandbox strategy where we develop our small settlement. The fact is that if everything is quiet and calm during the day, then at night your people are attacked by monsters, against which you need to put a watch. Each resident has his own mood and wishes, so for the constant growth of the settlement, you need to take this into account.

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad

Instead of a separate game for each of its franchises with the prefix "Tom Clancy", Ubisoft decided to go the other way: to collect all the famous guys from them in one mobile game with cartoon graphics. The result is an Elite Squad strategy with online elements. Sam Fisher will be in a squad with brazen criminals, which is unlikely to be seen anywhere else.

Notable namesadis: ManaStrike-a card game with elements of "auto-chess" from Netmarble; enjoy the battles of 3D warriors XCOM 2 Collection-turn-based battles against alien invaders on EarthIllusion Connect-real-time strategy with collecting cute waifu