Best Workout Apps on Android: Getting a Flat Stomach ready for the season

Training is an important aspect of physical health. They help the heart and lungs work better, reduce weight, strengthen muscles and prolong life. Mobile devices are great for fitness and sports activities. For them, a lot of applications have been developed that are ready to help you lead a healthy lifestyle and work effectively on your body. There are two types of training apps. The first type tracks your exercises, allowing you to schedule them and see your progress. The second one provides ideas and training patterns that you should follow. The best apps for training on Android in our selection:



FitNotes is a popular and simple application for organizing workouts and maintaining their schedule. With it, you can track the performance of almost any exercise - running, cardio, strength exercises, and so on. You can create your own training program if necessary - the app includes many exercises from which you can choose the ones that are right for you. The calendar function is implemented here, as well as the recovery and backup options. The user interface is quite simple and looks comfortable. FitNotes is perfect for people who already have a training program and want to keep track of it, periodically making adjustments. All of its features are free, making it one of the best workout apps on mobile devices.

JEFIT Workout Tracker


JEFIT Workout Tracker is a complete solution. The app comes with features for monitoring your own gym sessions, as well as ready-made training programs. In it, you'll find video demonstrations of more than 1,300 exercises, a rest timer, an interval timer, a body measurement log, and even a workout planner. It also supports working with the superset, offers training for both beginners and experienced users. You will get a sufficient amount of functionality and a conveniently organized interface, even in the free version. Those who want to work more seriously can work with this app by subscription.

Leap Fitness


Leap Fitness is a developer on Google Play that offers a variety of workout apps. The best of them are applications for home exercises, for working on the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, arms, as well as for stretching. Leap Fitness has a useful app for tracking walking and running, and also for reminding you about your water intake. Some of them are completely free due to the presence of advertising, but there are also paid ones. You can't organize hardcore workouts with them, but they are useful and convenient for home classes and regular use.



MyFitnessPal is another universal fitness and exercise app. It has almost everything-tracking your exercise, providing a workout program, helping you count calories (with support for various diets). It integrates with more than 50 other training devices and apps. There are many useful little things here, like a step counter and calculating water consumption. Its basic options are free, and to access the extended version, you will have to fork out for a subscription, which is a little expensive.



Runtastic is one of the most popular mobile apps for running. These developers have other types of training apps as well. Their collection includes a step counter, a sleep tracker, and various apps for push-ups, pumping abs and buttocks, heart rate tracking, road bike training, and so on. The main app is designed to track your runs and is very well organized. Most of the apps are completely free, and some are part of a Runtastic subscription or will require a one-time payment.



Seven is one of the best apps for 7-minute workouts. It allows you to organize a very good seven-minute workout without any additional equipment. The user interface of the app looks user-friendly and has an interesting gaming aspect. You have three lives, and you will lose one life if you miss a day. Those who miss three days lose all their progress. The app includes 200 exercises and the ability to perform several seven-minute laps in turn. It's simple, functional, and mostly free. However, you will need a subscription to access more advanced features.

Stronglifts 5x5


Stronglifts 5x5-an application for strength training using the 5x5 method. It tracks your exercises, offers a personalized workout program, and supports Wear OS. The exercises here are selected for maximum effect. You'll get a nice, simple user interface, lots of features for tracking and scheduling classes, and an automatic backup to the cloud in case you switch devices. This is a very handy weight training app, and it won't cost you too much if you subscribe. A free version is also provided.

You Are Your Own Gym


You Are Your Own Gym is one of the best workout apps without any hardware requirements. It offers a variety of exercises that you can do anywhere, and workout modes that will improve your results. The program is taken from the best-selling book by Mark Lauren, who used it to train military personnel. It includes more than 200 exercises, video demonstrations of all of them, and specially designed training schemes. In addition, there are separate programs for beginners, who have been training for some time and pros.

Fitness Tracker Apps There are many fitness trackers that provide apps for tracking steps, counting heart rate, and so on. All these applications work only on a specific device, their range is very wide, and the functions are diverse. They will not offer you training programs, but will allow you to monitor the state of the body at the time of fitness classes