Brawl Stars, This is the Police and other new items of the week (December 2018)

Instead of winter gatherings on the couch, it's time for gamers to go skateboarding or take part in a couple of battles. So what if it's not the season - on the screen of your smartphone, the weather is always suitable for entertainment of all kinds - from puzzles to the destruction of cities, from police service to jumping from platform to platform.

Brawl Stars

Unlike Clash Royale, the long-awaited Brawl Stars will require players to focus more and immerse themselves in the gameplay, although it is quite casual. This bright PvP brawler from the developers of Supercell offers fast matches, five game modes, a variety of characters and skins for them, opportunities for upgrades and teamwork.

Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam

The legend of skateboarding, Tony Hawk, presents a new game in which gamers will have to master performing tricks on a skateboard, master various types of combos, complete 15 levels in career mode and take part in online tournaments. To all this, add convenient controls and high-quality, realistic graphics – and get a very good sports game, worthy of taking a place in your smartphone.

Gone Home

Another interesting and mysterious game from the Annapurna studio. In it, the player's task is to investigate the mystery of a family that suddenly disappeared from their own home. And this means exploring the rooms, looking for clues and clues, any little things concerning each member of the family. Everything you discover matters, so mindfulness and analysis are your main friends in this adventure game.

The Greedy Cave 2: Time Gate

In the sequel to the cute RPG-roguelike The Greedy Cave 2: Time Gate, the adventures in the dungeons continue, but this time, players will be able to team up for their passage with friends. This will allow them a new multiplayer mode, in which it is possible to create teams, search for treasures and fight monsters together.

Reed 2

Platformer Reed returns and gamers are waiting for new adventures in the style of old school. Cute pixel art, a variety of landscapes, intricate levels full of dangers-all this awaits players in the sequel, which, we hope, will be no less difficult and exciting than the original.

This is the Police

Here your hero will be the chief of the police department, who has only 180 days left before his dismissal. During this time, he will have to uncover the background of the local mafia, investigate many crimes, fight back against corruption and dirty politicians – not without your help, of course. You are waiting for difficult decisions and moral dilemmas, which make this adventure so exciting.


At the intersection of crosswords, anagrams, and sudoku, you can create something new – and the developers of Crossgrams have demonstrated this. Here is a simple-looking, addictive puzzle game that is surprisingly difficult to complete. We do not recommend using it as a time-killer before going to bed - half the night of agonizing reflection on solutions is guaranteed.

I Am Monster

Studio PikPok presented to the court of gamers another idle-game - in it they are assigned the role of a monster that destroys the city. The more objects you can destroy, the stronger and more powerful your monster will become. And you can spend the points accumulated during the collapse of cities on upgrades and training your monster in new techniques for destroying everything around.

Rock, Paper, Wizards!

In this multiplayer RPG, you will travel, trade and fight in a world populated by players like you, warriors and wizards. You are waiting for tactical battles and the capture of foreign bases, alliances and wars, quests and much more typical of the genre.