Brazil approves: a selection of the best football simulators

We offer you a brief overview of some of the most exciting football simulators for mobile platforms, which we would like to dedicate to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which is about to start in Brazil. And we will start, of course, with the clear leaders:


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This simulator is considered one of the most realistic on the iOS and Android platforms and includes 33 real-life football leagues from around the world, more than 600 licensed teams and about 16 thousand players playing for their teams in reality. The game features amazingly high-quality graphics, intuitive controls and gives you the opportunity not only to play together with your favorite club, but also to create a dream team by buying new players and participating in matches. And that's not all: in FIFA 14, you will be able to play for the national teams that will take part in the World Cup in Brazil, plus, you will have access to the official ball of the championship, AdidasBrazuca, and sets of uniforms in which the teams will perform. All your matches will be accompanied by commentators, if desired, and if you want to add even more drive to the game, a chic soundtrack will help. The only drawback can be called in-game purchases, but it would be illogical to expect their absence from EA-this developer has always been inclined to donate to one degree or another.

Real Football 2013

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gEta franchise, designed for iOS and Android, is known no less than the first on our list; it offers gamers realistic graphics and well-designed artificial intelligence. Here, too, it is possible to assemble a team from existing players in reality, and in addition, to track all transactions and transfers that occur in real football leagues. This development of the Gameloft studio is not only a simulator, it also clearly expresses the elements of management. You will have to train players and develop the infrastructure of your club, improve the skills and technical skills of team members, and attract sponsors. Unfortunately, there are time timers here, which can slightly spoil the impression of the game.

RPEs Manager

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Here you will have access to about 1,500 of the best European players, which you will collect in the team with the help of card badges. Thus, this development involves elements of both management and a collectible card game, allowing you to choose the most effective team. By participating in various types of matches, you can improve the abilities of your players and get special cards. In-game purchases in this rather deep and thoughtful game are completely unobtrusive and optional, and it is designed for both the iOS and Android platforms.

Top Eleven Football Manager

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gOdin is one of the best football managers in Google Play and the App Store, where you create your own team, give it a name, choose symbols and develop it in every possible way. You will have to build a strategy and tactics of the game, build a stadium and train players, support your team at matches and arrange friendly battles with friends. There are no time timers, but in-game purchases are still present, the gameplay is well developed, and the graphics are realistic.

Dream League Soccer

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Here you will also find a mix of management and simulator - you will have to deal with transfers, training and, again, infrastructure development to create a dream team and win with it first in the four leagues, and then in the world championship. The game features a good soundtrack, convenient controls and realistic drawing of players. It is available for download in both the App Store and Google Play, is distributed free of charge and contains in-game purchases.

Kak you can see, the selection of games dedicated to football is quite large - we have selected only a few of the most popular, but in fact there are many more. The 2014 FIFA World Cup begins, and in the meantime, you can immerse yourself in the battles in virtual stadiums.