Cartoon Network Arcade, Super Brawl Universe and other new items of the week (March 2019)

This time we all had a quiet week, not marked by any special surprises from game designers. Among the arcades, puzzles and puzzles match-three stands out, except that the MMORPG called LYN: The Lightbringer, all the other projects are not so bright. TV channels Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon presented games with the characters of their cartoons, and the upcoming animated film Wonder Park received its tie-in project.

LYN: The Lightbringer

The gods of darkness and light lived here in ancient times. This world has become their battleground, and now, 200 years later, the war is back. This time, the light and dark forces will come together in an irreconcilable battle, but with the participation of people, and for this new heroes will be called, whose fate is to become a legend. This is the plot of the next MMORPG from NEXON, spectacular and fantasy.

Cartoon Network Arcade

Cartoon Network TV channel has got its own arcade, the characters of which will be the characters of the well-known animated series " The Amazing World of Gambol", " Young Titans, go!" and many others. Younger gamers will appreciate this game - after all, it offers to take part in new adventures of your favorite characters, and adventures are never enough, are they?


There is no way to learn bike tricks in the real world – but on the smartphone screen you can do them with ease. Although, take into account that this lightness is illusory – you will need to make a lot of effort to achieve it. Accuracy and speed of reaction, the ability to balance, attention and accuracy - all this you will need in order to become an ace in this game.

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga

It seems that the King company will never get tired of giving us the next match 3 puzzles. After the success of the Candy Crush series, the next step is not lollipops, but cute little animals. The player's task here is to save the animals from a variety of dangers, selecting the colors of the blocks, using combos and boosters. Yes, the gameplay is standard, but still entertaining.

Super Brawl Universe

And another TV channel is taking the baton – Nickelodeon is not far behind Cartoon Network, creating its own games. And the most popular characters of the animated shows of this channel - SpongeBob, Danny Fentom, Avatar and others will take part in battles and tournaments in locations well known to young gamers. Competitive gameplay and colorful graphics will be able to attract attention, and there is no need to talk about your favorite characters.

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two

After the battles and adventures, it's time to relax, and this cooperative puzzle game for two players will allow you to relax. Solving puzzles does not require a rush, and solving them together with a friend – on the same device, locally or remotely over the network-is all the more interesting. The complexity of the game gradually increases, so that you will not be bored during its passage.

Wonder Park Magic Rides Game

Create your own amusement park? Why not? And here everything depends only on your imagination. Build rides, attract visitors, solve puzzles and make your park the most mysterious and the most beautiful place on the planet. This game is dedicated to the upcoming release of the animated film "Wonder Park", it looks both cute and entertaining - yes, casual, like most strategies of this type. But this kind of gameplay has its own fans.

Weather Farmer

Become a creator of energy, a real wizard of science – that's the task of gamers in this original project. You have to extract energy from different types of cubes. Each of them will affect the weather in this location and change it in some way. And this, in turn, will help you generate clean energy. It sounds unusual, but it looks fascinating.

Sprout: Idle Garden

Another relaxing zen game, the essence of which is not in a hurry and competition. Here you have to grow your garden with a huge number of different types of flowers, decorate and expand it in every possible way. And all this is based on a simple tap management. Why not rest?


A slot machine that allows you to pull out toys-yes, this is not new, but as a time-killer it is not so bad. The gameplay is simple, it will pass the time, brighten up the waiting and will be able to distract. From games of this type, you can hardly expect more, but they do not pretend to be more, promising gamers not the plot and depth, but only entertainment.