Castles of Burgundy, Skylanders: Ring of Heroes and other new items of the week (March 2019)

This week in mobile gaming was marked by the long-awaited appearance of Dragalia Lost and a completely unexpected entry into the arena of Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. Other projects found on iOS and Android may not be so large-scale, but they will be able to occupy the evenings of gamers.

Board games and puzzles will attract the attention of those who want to forget about the hustle and bustle, and those who lack the drive will choose runners or shoot'em up-there are enough classes for everyone.

Dragalia Lost

In this action-packed RPG, humans and dragons live side by side , fighting enemies in epic battles, transforming and completing quests. In addition to the anime-style graphics, deep, addictive plot and engaging characters with unique thoughtful characters, you will find here a great soundtrack, a lot of content and amazing adventures-everything that is typical of classic JRPGs.

< /p>Skylanders: Ring of Heroes

The latest RPG in the Skylanders universe has appeared on mobile platforms. Well-known characters are ready to add to your collection of heroes and villains, and then, after training, fight with each other in epic battles. Magic abilities and runes will be a real help for your team – the main thing is to master them and develop the skills of your characters.

Castles of Burgundy

This digital board game offers gamers to plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and engage in farming, trading, building cities to overtake the development of competitive players. The scenario of the game develops differently each time, the randomness of choice plays a significant role here, so it is unlikely that this project can quickly get bored – the path to victory in it is interesting because it is unpredictable.

Snakebird Primer

An amazing but cute creature, either a bird or a snake, returns in another cartoon casual puzzle game. And that means new levels full of puzzles and obstacles, familiar colorful graphics, and simply addictive, if uncomplicated, gameplay. Is the time-killer's place in your smartphone vacant? Then Snakebird RG will be an ideal candidate for this role.


Superscape is an endless runner with procedurally generated locations and an open world. The player will have to pilot his aircraft over a destructible environment and fight with hordes of enemies, continuously attacking him. The gameplay may not be new, but it's dynamic and entertaining.

Card Crusade

This retro roguelike game invites players to build their own deck of cards by unlocking eight character classes to then explore ten tiers of dark dungeons. The deck can be strengthened with the help of combo cards, which will give you the opportunity to fight monsters and their bosses in the future, get to the final boss and destroy it.

Rolling Sky 2: Rolling Dream

This arcade game, in fact, resembles endless runners-the journey of the main character, which has no end and no beginning. Here you can add stylish and bright graphics, worthy of animated films from the big screen, convenient controls, a lot of different tricks and combos, and a beautiful soundtrack.

Plunder Kings

The developers of Plunder Kings in their project combined the gameplay of the classic arcade shoot'em up with elements of gambling. Now you can take a chance and bet your loot earned in the game on the outcome of your match, and thereby increase it – or lose everything. The role of a space pirate, despite the simple graphics, will appeal to you – the idea of the game looks really interesting.


This pixel game will allow you to travel through the underground mazes in order to save the main character, stolen by an evil orc. Here you will have a lot of adventures, puzzles and boss battles. A ton of weapons and power-ups are included.


This visually appealing and very stylish runner platformer is dedicated to the survival of a microscopic spider in an unfriendly black and white world. His journey through the platforms, mazes and corridors will be quite difficult - there are enough enemies and dangers here. Everything depends only on the player - on his ingenuity, reaction speed and accuracy of reflexes.