Child's Guide from Genshin Impact: skills, cool builds, and elevation

We continue the series of guides on top heroes from Genshin Impact. This is a game that managed to break the record for sales among all mobile projects. Now there is an event "Enmity of the tides"; we have already talked about how to pass the first seven days: the first guide and the second. All guides on Genshin Impact are available here. Last time we talked about the mysterious Rose Garden, and now we'll move on to Childe.

General information on Childeutartaglia (Childe) is a 5-star Hydro-character. The eleventh harbinger of Fatua. As a weapon, he carries a bow; a special dish is Extreme Fishing. It can be obtained from a soup with seafood. The special dish increases the defense of all squad members by 282, the effect does not affect other players ' characters. On the surface, he is friendly, but inside he hides a skilled swordsman.

Active skills Childaddle of parting (normal attack) - makes up to six shots from the bowaddle of Parting (charged attack) — a well-aimed shot with increased damage; if fully charged, the arrow will cause Hydro damage and impose the status of "Ebb". If Child deals damage to the enemy during its action, then there is a chance for a Hydro AoE-Spirit Uronform: Raging Waves-activates the melee stance, exposing the blades; they deal Hydro-uronHaos: Devastation-if Tartaglia is in the far stance: fires a Hydro-Arrow with AoE damage and casts a Low Tide status. If Tartaglia is in a melee stance: he performs a circular attack with a large Hydro-damage-massive skills Childane ends the torture-The Ebb is valid for eight seconds Longsword - if Tartaglia deals critical damage in a melee stance, the enemy is superimposed on the Master's weapon proficiency-increases the level of normal attack for the entire squad by 1top build for Child

Top Weapon: Skywing is a 5-star bow that increases critical damage by 20-40%. If you pump it, you can deal a small AoE (125% of Tartaglia's physical damage) with a 100% chance. You can only get the best artifact through the prayer: Heart of the Deep — if you collect two items, you will increase the damage from Hydro-skills by 15%. If you collect a set of four items, but after applying the Hydro skill, it increases the damage from all attacks by 30%. There is a 15-second best team: Rosaria-since we have already paid for Tartaglia, the Cryo-hero will go after him. Next comes Fishle with Electro-damage and Hu Tao with Pyro-abilities Available build for Child

Top Weapon: Rusty Bow-Increases damage from normal attacks by 40%. At the same time, it should be noted that the damage from charged attacks is reduced by 10% Best artifact: Gladiator's End — the attack power increases by 18% from two items. From the set, the damage of normal attacks increases by 35% The best team: Qi Qi-will go as a Cryo character instead of Rosaria. To save the wallet, we take Xiang Ling as a Pyro hero and Lisa for her electricity exaltation To elevate Childe, you need to collect the following items:

A fragment of lapis lazuli Varunada-falls from the Oceanid, the Lair of the Terror of the storm, also sold in the souvenir shop Purifying heart-falls from the ocean Star shell-on the coasts of Li Yueshevron private-is knocked out from the Skirmishers, some agents of Fatui and Electro-magovKak to get Childe?

The answer is simple — to pray. Now a banner has been added for him, Rosaria, and a couple of other characters. Thus, not particularly lucky players will get a chance to knock out Tartaglia and, perhaps, Rosaria. To collect expensive primogems, read our guide to them, and also do not forget to enter promo codes.