Choosing the best PUBG clone for Android and iOS: battle royale

After the crazy popularity of PUBG on the computer platform, mobile game developers rushed to develop clones and likenesses of the battle royale. Many of them have already been released to the public, while most remain in testing mode, but one thing is clear, the competition for survival fans on mobile platforms is just beginning.

Especially, after Bluehole Studio announced the creation of two official adaptations of PUBG for mobile. We decided to find out who deserves the title of the best at the moment.

Survivor Royale

the first is Survivor Royale, from the Chinese company NetEase wants to be as similar as possible to its ancestor – a huge amount of clothing for the character, ratings, single, group battles and even a competition of squads. For fans of team competitions, there is a built-in microphone and a huge number of settings for any device. This is not the end of the coincidence, but we want to warn you right away – the game is voracious, and 2 GB of RAM is not enough for it. Of course, the question of optimization is eternal, but now there is a great chance to be overboard. A welcome message with the latest changes informs you that the work with cheaters has improved. Adding A and B together, the question arises: what about the emulators? In general, there is a high probability of meeting the enemy from the computer, which means that the chances of winning are becoming less and less.

In the main menu, everything is convenient and clear, and most importantly, I am glad that the caring developers give us the opportunity to get acquainted with the description of weapons in advance-in the main menu, which, by the way, did not load immediately. In battle, the player is waiting for a huge island on which you can really not meet anyone for 5 minutes, although as many as 100 people are fighting for survival. Before the battle, the player will get to a training session, where they will be able to practice shooting from different types of weapons, evaluate the costumes of other players and show themselves. And most importantly, check your device for strength.

gwysazhivayut us from helicopters, but I do not think that this difference from the original will affect the players. Survivor Royale has an almost perfect interface in combat, which is easy to control and intuitive from the first time. Unfortunately, shooting on the move is still very difficult, if at all possible. And here again, only the keyboard will help when playing through an emulator or a large tablet display. By itself, the movement is convenient, the character has three positions: standing, sitting, lying down, so that fans of shooting from a height lying in the bushes will be happy.

G Since the game is mobile, the speed of narrowing the zone has increased, so landing far from the center of the map is fraught – you risk if you do not get killed, then spend 5-10 minutes of the game running. As I said, you can't shoot on the run, so you can easily be killed from an ambush. But in Survivor Royale there is a frying pan and an ass! The game is definitely worth a try if you have a top-end device.

Knives Out

I can't imagine any reason for the release of Knives Out and Survivor Royale, since they almost completely copy each other, belong to the same company, have similar interfaces, pros and cons. The latter does not have any graphical settings, so in theory it should be either well self-optimized or more braking. Judging by our test, the former is more likely. However, the games have one major difference: the map. They are different and that is why the survival strategy itself, profitable places, drop and much more in the games are located in different places.

The rest is almost indistinguishable brothers, who specifically changed the interface of the main menu and some skins of objects: helicopters, a picture of the coach and other minor details. However, Knive Out, on our test Nvidia Sjield Tablet, slowed down significantly less. However, it was possible to notice periodic friezes and brakes that could catch at the most inopportune moment.

Free Fire-Battlegrounds

Free Fire-Battlegrounds, unlike the previous two contenders, is aimed at a wider audience. To prevent players ' phones from turning into stoves, they simplified the character models, reduced the number of participants to 50, and significantly reduced the map. As a result, our Nvidia Shiled Tablet with 2 GB of RAM felt great even when recording video, did not slow down and did not freeze once. Objects on the map look simpler, but the eyes remain in place and do not flow from the simplified textures, as the image remains high-quality. At the same time, the developers left all the features of their progenitor, including playing with a group, a microphone, and driving a variety of cars.

machines by the way are different from PUBG on the computer, so the developers did not force the images of the game here. Naturally, this optimization has not been without its drawbacks. In particular, the map is quite deserted, the grass practically does not hide from the eyes, there are not enough buildings, and transitions through empty terrain can end in success only if there are no opponents in principle nearby. I'm not talking about the fact that the case can present players with 2-3 buildings in a row without weapons and then any meeting will be fatal. And all because the joystick responsible for the camera is much more responsive and it is more convenient to shoot accordingly. However, Free Fire-Battlegrounds is an affordable and mature project that can drag fans of computer PUBG for a long time.

RRULEs of Survival

RRULEs of Survival is another brainchild of NetEase, this time more original. Although the main gameplay completely repeats the gameplay of the original PUBG, in this project the company went further and added an interesting zombie mode for players. In it, some users become zombies before the battle. The task for all players remains the same – to survive, however, zombie players will not be able to use equipment. But they will jump much higher and further, and at the same time will receive huge damage in close combat.

Grezhim is extremely interesting, but unfortunately, it contains many flaws. In particular, zombies are fighting against everyone so don't expect a zombie apocalypse atmosphere. Crowds of zombies in the final battle is not expected. On the other hand, this is the first project that has made significant changes. In addition, this application is much better optimized and will offer you the recommended settings if you suddenly notice slowdowns or friezes. Nice care.

Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds

Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds from Horus Entertainment is still a very raw project at the stage of an open beta test. At the same time, it is a simplified clone of PUBG, without transport, with a small map, but a full type of weapons. Only 50 people will appear on the map, and due to the generously scattered weapons, players will be able to join the battle immediately. The main advantage of the game, which developers should try not to lose – support for weak devices, which will significantly increase the possible coverage of users. Otherwise, it is a typical representative of the genre, which is not much different from the competition.

Last X: One Battleground One Survivor

the battle royale was presented by Aladin Fun. From all the others, it differs from the top view, the map is divided into 9 separate locations with transitions between each other. Each location is filled with poisoned gas over time, forcing players to converge. In principle, the idea of transferring the action to an isometric view may appeal to fans of a fast tactical game, especially since the developers have placed a special emphasis on traps of different types, thereby allowing players to create really interesting tactics, and random filling of territories with poison can negate all tactical tricks.

Last X is by far the most original in the genre on mobile platforms, although it may not be at all interesting to certain categories of players. For those interested, an interesting surprise awaits – the game is not demanding on devices, as it allows you to use lighter textures and pay less attention to detail.

Last Battleground: Survival

Rcompany Elex released its PUBG clone in pursuit of hype, but apparently in a hurry forgot to optimize this simplified version of the royal battle. As a result, the device is noticeably heated despite the weak level of graphics for the Unity engine. In fact, we have a complete analogue of Bullet Strike, only with poor optimization and long queues for entry. Taking into account the incomprehensible avtodovodchik of fire, which is clearly superfluous in this genre, Last Battleground is probably the most raw project among all the considered Royal Battles.

In conclusion, we want to note the wide variety of Royal Battles on mobile devices, however, this variety is mainly reduced to optimizing games for different devices. We will not put places or ratings for these games, but we will note the three projects that seemed to us the most interesting: Free Fire-Battlegrounds, Rules of Survival and Last Battleground: Survival.

The development teams of these projects, in our opinion, approached the development most responsibly, were able to implement the idea in an interesting way, optimize the game and bring something of their own to the game.