Complete walkthrough of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location-secrets and tips

This is the fifth game in the series (if you ignore FNaF World). Sister Location is quite difficult and we have created an article that guides you through the game with minimal losses. Thanks to the information received, the gameplay will become as safe as possible. Go ahead!

Misunderstanding! Spoilers.

Noch first

R Just do what the Hand Unit tells you. There is nothing that can harm you tonight.

Noch the second

Follow the instructions until you reach Circus Baby. It is from this moment that the adventure begins.

Under the table: Hold your finger inside the box to drag it and close the door. Don't overdo it, it's dangerous.

Gpritelny contact does not mean anything.Focus on the right side of the screen, where the door is located. As soon as it starts to open – prevent this process. Follow the necessary movements with your finger until the door closes.

gOni will try to open the door 2 times. After these attempts, wait for the stage to complete.

Ballora Gallery: Tap and hold the screen to move forward. Release it to stop. Do this when you hear Ballora approaching.

You don't really need to listen to Ballora. Just follow the red flashing warning sign until you reach it.

Wait a second or two after the flashing alarm stops, and then continue driving.

Gnapravlyayte to the door to get to the next location.

Breaker room: The first really difficult part in the game. This room requires you to go back to the previous stage. You need to restore power and distract Funtime Freddy.

N Press and hold the button to start restoring power to the given area. In any case, do not let go of your finger, otherwise the process will go down.

You can start charging before the screen focuses on you. Just push the switch.

Don't hold the device screen up for too long, if Freddy catches you – it's over.

Always try to track the position of Freddy. You will come to the aid of random flashes and sparks, try to stay away from the enemy.

Turn on audio clips to distract Freddy when he starts to approach.

You should not worry too much and, on the contrary, lead an aggressive style of play. Try to restore energy slowly (10-20%) and keep an eye on Freddy. Only patience will help you.

The closer the mission is to the end, the more assertive Freddy becomes.

Return via Ballora Gallery. The danger was over.

Noch third

Funtime Auditorium: The room is pretty much the opposite of Ballora Gallery. It works based on movement, not sound. Here you will have to fight with your nerves.

Gperemeshivaytes on short distances. The longer you move, the more likely you are to encounter Foxy.

G Use your flash beacon every time you don't move. If you see Foxy, stay where you are and use the beacon in a couple of seconds. If Foxy is not visible, take a few more steps.

R Do not overdo it with the beacon, spam will not lead to anything good, Foxy will find you. During the re-use of the beacon, wait a few seconds.

Parts & Service: Just follow the instructions, nothing complicated.

starayte not to confuse the buttons.

While you have to seize power, the puppet will disappear, do not worry, it is temporary.

R Keep watching around Funtime Freddy until you see the doll.

n Do not look directly at the doll, otherwise it will disappear and change its position. Wait for the black button to appear and finish the repair.

Funtime Auditorium(again): Keep moving until Foxy jumps on you. Don't worry, it will definitely happen.

NOCH the Fourth

The Scooping Room: Yes, this is a really creepy place

the springs will become a little brighter after the faceplates open.

Just press and hold on all the locks, do not stop.

nThe difficulty of the level increases all the time, be careful and wait for the right moment for each action.

when you see that the shadows start to rise up, get rid of them.

Zamki that burn red-actually ready to explode. Keep an eye on it.

Continue to follow the plan. The mission will end a couple of minutes after the end of the night.

Noch fifth

Funtime Auditorium: Just run straight, no one will touch you.

Parts & Service: Just follow the instructions

Bystro and correctly enter the numbers you were given. If you hesitate or press the wrong button, you can't avoid death. The code is random, you should not remember it or write it down.

G After entering the code correctly, the hatch on the left hand of Circus Baby will open. Click on the green glowing map, and then click on the green button on the conveyor to continue the progress.

Funtime Auditorium (again): follow the instructions carefully, or you may die.

N Tap on the top of the screen and hold the touch to move forward.

Do not use the flash or you will instantly die.

As soon as it's over, sit back and enjoy the ending.

Mini game Baby < p>

nThe need to perform only the right actions. The process is very nervous, be prepared.

to pass the mini-game, you must give all the children cupcakes, and then return to the beginning of the level in the set time. There are three types of cupcakes: red, blue, and green. In turn, they act differently.

krasny cupcakes for single shots. They are better left for children who are on their own. Blue cupcakes shoot 3 pieces at once. They are best used for children who are on vertical columns. The green cupcakes are for single shots, just like the red ones, but they fly through all the kids, so they're great for mass action.

Goznakomtes with the layout, you will be able to remember the positions of the children to correctly complete the task.

G I think that initially it is better to take red cupcakes. Take care of three single children. Next, take the green ones.

n Don't forget about the line of 3 children that are to the right of the place where you take the green cupcakes. Run these sweets in them, do not forget about the last child, he may be off the screen.

Act quickly! Time is short!